Supercharge: What You Need to Know About Cleansing Crystals

There’s more than one method for recharging your crystals. In this handy guide written by our friends at Bahgsu Jewels, let us count the ways.

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Crystals are galaxies onto themselves. Created from natural and divine substances like lava, minerals, and even stardust, crystals radiate with a wisdom and knowing that is both entirely, and not at all, earthly. Each crystal is a unique solar system of energies, spinning a dance of vibrations that match the place they are created.

Crystal clearing is the mindful practice of resetting the energetic vibration of your stone. Just as our human energetic bodies need attuning, crystals require a reset, release, and recharging of it’s vibrations to return to its nature state. Like each human, each crystal requires a unique clearing and recharging process.

Opals burst forth from the earth with flashes of fiery colors, emulating the sunbaked earth they come from. Calcite exudes the tranquility of the cooling limestone and marble that creates it’s soft exterior. Kyanite burns with the blue flame of andalusite, created from extreme pressure and resulting in an incredibly aligned crystal…Each stone has a unique vibration that needs cleansing and clearing.

guide to clearing crystals
Photo courtesy of Bahgsu Jewels

Crystals are Empaths

Just as some people are empaths and take on the energies of the people and environment around them, some crystals take on the vibration of those who hold them. Others, like obsidian, bloodstone, pyrite, and onyx, have large protective barriers, and do not take on the energies of the outside world. Make sure to always ask for consent when handling the crystals of someone else.

Solar Powered Purification

Sunlight is a powerful tool in clearing crystals. The masculine sun is a life-giving force that penetrates deep into the core of the earth and into the core of all living things. Sunlight burns off old energies that have become stagnant, and just as winter months can leave us feeling dull and lifeless, crystals can sometimes lose their luster. Simply place your crystal out into the sunshine for around 4 hours in the early day to flush the stone with positive and life-giving energy. This technique is best for the beginning of each season.

Honoring the Moon Goddess

The divine goddess has always been associated with the moon. The deep and mystical feminine energy that emanates from the moon is a powerful tool when used to set intentions with your crystals. The best cycle to cleanse is the full moon… Place your crystals in a circle under the full moon to release energies that no longer serve you, and create space for the growth and magic to come. Charge your crystals by setting them out under a new moon, and set an intention with each stone, allowing the milky rays of the dark moon to penetrate deep into the DNA of your crystal.

Smoke Magic

Candles and incense have been used for generations for cleansing sacred spaces. Palo Santo is known as the energetic scent of inner peace, removing negative energies from a person, object, or place. Cleansing with smoke and incense is best used for larger and hard to pick up crystals, and is amplified by clearing with a sacred feather.

Sacred Sounds

Sacred sound breaks up any tuck or stored energy that are causes energetic blockages. Sound baths release a divine frequency that restores a object or being to it’s natural state of balance. Binary beats, Tibetan singing bowls, sound baths, and classical music all create waves and frequencies of the highest state of being. By playing these sounds, you will clear and unblock any stuck energies within your crystals. Try playing 639 hz and 528 hz frequencies to elevate the vibration of your space and stones.

Ocean Tides

When you welcome a new crystal into your life, may it be a gift or something you picked out yourself, you are bringing new energy into your space. Salt water is a powerful tool and best used for the initial cleansing of a new healing stone and any time a stone is overloaded with negative energy. Using natural saltwater from the ocean is best, or create your own at home by using alkaline water and Himalayan sea salt. Be sure that the stone your soaking is higher then a 3 for hardness, as saltwater can breakdown the structure of softer stones.

Magnetic Mindset

We have learned that our thoughts create our reality. So too, we can heal and cleanse the world around us through the power of visualization. When using visualization for clearing a stone, use the power of your thoughts to reset and recharge your overly processed stone. First, hold the crystal in your hand, then visualize a beautiful white light flowing from the center of the crystal and enveloping it with its pure healing light. Imagine the light passing through the crystal completely, expelling any and all negative energies.

Clearing Crystals

Crystals hold deeply magnetic properties, but for these three crystals, they are able to cleanse other crystals without needing cleansing themselves.

Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Carnelian are highly cleansing crystals working with the chakra system to align and recharge with positive energies by cleansing negative and stagnant energies. Each of these stones do not absorb negative energies as well as never needing to be cleansed. This energetic ability to cleanse, as well as their impenetrability of negative energies is why Citrine, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz are perfect for cleansing other stones. Simple lay your cleansing crystal of choice on the crystals you want to cleanse. Leave over night and cleanse with Palo Santo in the morning light.

Just as our spiritual and subtle bodies are in a constant flow of vibrational alignment, crystals too hold a special place in the balance of our physical space. Crystals are known for their deep healing properties, from decreasing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, boosting fertility, to attracting abundance and inspiring creativity. With each work of energetic cleansing, our crystals need vibrational TLC from us. May you use the tools in this article to inspire and create a healthy and happy home for both you and your crystals.

karly ryan author bioKarly Ryan is a Venice based writer, photographer and healer. She believes in the magic of allowing and the power of letting go. Through her work in the wellness space, she has cultivated a creative medium that evokes wisdom, authentic storytelling, and a rooted sense of grounding. Karly sheds light on the purpose and calling of others through her work on her own soul’s creative purpose. For more, follow her at @karlycakesss.