3 Restorative Yoga Hacks for Deep Relaxation

Learn some easy yoga hacks from Brett Larkin for a more restorative practice

If you think your restorative poses are juicy now, wait until you get a strap involved. Watch this video on three hacky ways to use a strap in restorative yoga poses, and read below for step-by-step instructions.

Strap Hack: Yin-Style Forward Fold

Benefits: Releases low back, stretches IT band, opens hips


Step 1: Make a small loop in the strap (6-8 inches).

Step 2: Place the loop around your toes and tighten, taking your legs into an interior rotation (toes point in).

Step 3: Fold forward with the chin deeply pressed into the chest, releasing completely (Yin-style). Let your shoulders expand left to right. Soften and relax. Stay here 7 minutes or more.

 Strap Hack: Bound Legs Up the Wall

Benefits: Releases low back, makes legs up the wall even more relaxing!


Step 1:
Make a loop in the strap and place it around your thighs, just above the knee.

Step 2: Scootch in as close to the wall as possible so your side body is pressed against the wall. From there, lie down and slide your legs up the wall, keeping your seat as close to the wall as you can.

Step 3: Relax as the strap keeps your legs from splaying out left-to-right. Tighten the strap slightly if needed.

 Strap Hack: Goddess Pose

Benefits: Lengthens low back, enables legs and feet to more fully relax


Step 1:
Make a large, loose loop in the strap.

Step 2: As you sit back into Goddess Pose, take the loop behind your low back, but above your knees. Take the opposite site of the loop below your feet.

Step 3: Tighten the strap until the loop is tractioning your low back slightly forward. Lie back, and relax.

What are your favorite ways to enhance restorative yoga poses with a strap? Let us know in the comments below.

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