Celebrate International Yoga Day with Wanderlust

Our teams across Europe are coming together to keep our practice and our community strong for International Yoga Day!

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”      – The Bhagavad Gita


It’s a big day yogis! Let’s come together and celebrate International Yoga Day! June 21st is a special date to raise awareness of yoga and we are happy to announce that we will be hosting free live classes on Instagram brought to you by Wanderlust’s extended family of teachers. We hope that this classes will bring you peace and oy during this challenging times!


  • Open the Instagram app (iOS | Android) on your phone. It doesn’t work on a computer!
  • Look for the Wanderlust compass logo on the top of the screen. When one of our global partners goes live (make sure you note the start time, below), you’ll see the Wanderlust logo with the word LIVE underneath it.
  • Tap the Wanderlust logo and tune in.


Germany, Austria & Switzerland (DACH)

10am CEST ~ Eva Klein ~ Embodied Yoga for your Life – not just your hamstrings ~ Yoga Class ~ English ~ Join the Class

An embodied yoga practice where you will inquire how to take good care of yourself and your loved ones during these days ,how to give and receive support through connection with others. You will leave nourished and supported by the wanderlust community. Let’s celebrate humanity !



5pm CEST ~ Jérome Boulenger & Keilimei ~ Fire and Inversions ~ Yoga Class & live music ~ English ~ Join the Class

Inversions are a staple in a good yoga practice. Think of inverting as the fountain of youth. Turning upside down, or bringing the head below the heart, can stimulate our nervous system, bring more oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Come boost your energy levels, work on the core and live a happy day!


Great Britain

7pm BST  /  8pm CEST  ~ David Kam ~ Ways of Willingness. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. ~ Yoga Class ~ English ~ Join the Class

Join David in the practice of willingness towards possibilities through a liberating journey of mindful movement and playful situations.



9:30am CEST  ~ Ela Mare ~ Vitality & Strength. A practice for Radiance and passion. ~ Yoga Class ~ English ~ Join the Class

A powerful Practice to ignite your inner fire and increase your radiance and positivity through a full class of Himalayan kundalini.



11:30am CEST ~ Churro and Juan Röme ~ Yoga Class & live music ~ Spanish ~ Join the Class

12:30pm CEST ~ Adriana Jarrín ~ Talk on her project Yoga for Cancer. ~ Spanish ~ Join the Class

1:00pm CEST ~ Bienvivir Vibes & Ari Blánquez ~ Cooking show. Recipe for yogis. ~ Spanish ~ Join the Class

Wanderlust 108 Spain will host a program of activities during International Yoga Day on Instagram Live. It will kick off the day with a yoga & live music with Churro and Juan Röme; then it will be followed by an interview to Adriana Jarrin, founder of Yoga for Cancer; and it will end with a cooking show hosted by Bienvivir Vibes teaching a yoga recipe to the Wanderlust ambassador Ari Blánquez.


United States

There are even more classes you can participate in with our United States Team. Take a look at their schedule HERE!


Share this journey with your tribe and lead the way… straight to Wanderlust!