4 Ways to Rejuvenate after Wanderlust

After Wanderlust Tremblant last year, I felt ecstatic! My body was a little achy, my mind was spinning…

After Wanderlust Tremblant last year, I felt ecstatic! My body was a little achy, my mind was spinning with new information and my heart was as wide open as the petals of a lotus flower. I felt great, I felt energized and inspired but I also felt the need to ground myself and go into self-retreat. So I did.

Once I returned to my working and family activities, I spared some time every day to nurture myself. I gave myself the opportunity to integrate what I experienced and make a deep inquiry within to discover what I want and need – at this moment – and how I could use this experience in my everyday life. To me, yoga is a way of life. I try to incorporate teachings that support my growth into simple daily actions in any way I can.

If you’d like to preserve the joy after Wanderlust Tremblant while rejuvenating your spirit, try the following:

  1. Self Massage

Abhyanga is my favorite. Abhyanga is a conscious self-massage with warm oil. Although I do not use abhyanga as much in the summer months, I know I will be treating myself with coconut oil abhyanga before the weekend and first thing Monday morning, after the event! This is for me the best restorative mind and body practice. It brings softness to my tissues, fluidity to my joints and calmness to my mind. It restores my fatigued body and takes away any soreness I might feel after a juicy, sticky practice that might have opened new areas in my body.

  1. Nourish to restore yourself

Warm almond milk. Dates. Nutmeg. Ashwaganda. Raw honey. Blended together. I take this tasty cup of milk before bed for a few days when I feel a little light headed and until I feel restored in my body and grounded in my mind. If you’ve indulged too much or have been missing some hours of sleep, skipping meals, are jet lagged or feeling like you have been living out of your suitcase for too long and you need to ground yourself, this is an awesome treat!

  1. Bare feet walking meditation

When I return from traveling, I always connect with the earth. Either lying down, sitting or walking bare feet in the grass . It helps me find my center and get back into my own internal rhythm and in sync with my immediate environment and the elements around me. It allows for an easier transition to the flow of my “normal” life as a mother, wife, business owner, yoga teacher and all of the above!

  1. Meditation & journaling

This is a big one for me. In order to hear the inspiration of my heart I need silence. I need to let go of all the ideas in my mind. And to do so, I just sit. I sit every day. And after a Wanderlust weekend I felt the need to sit a little longer. And inspiration came. After a few days of sitting in meditation I “got” what was the Wanderlust transformation for me. Then I wrote in my journal what came to me just to help me put this extraordinary experience into words .

I am grateful for all the people that came across my path through this Wanderlust experience and I am forever transformed. Wanderlust is a part of me.

Janick-yoga-fev2014-(2)-crop_0Janick Leonard is inspired by the generosity and spirit of people whose every action is in the service of others. She encourages everyone to find their mission, their unique contribution to the world, and to be guided by that spark. Janick will lead a meditation class on the Wanderlust spark and suggest ways to feed the inner flame after Wanderlust. Join Janick in her leadership, meditation and Yoga of the Seasons programmes, all of which are available online at www.yogadessaisons.com & www.janickleonard.com