5 Ways to Know If Your Soul Is Constipated

Get ready to hit the flush button and detoxify the soul

Feeling energetically blocked and backed up? The Spiritual Personal Assistant, a.k.a. PA for the soul, Emma Mildon, shares the five ways to check in to see if we need to make our soul more regular and expel some nasty toxins from our life. Because let’s be honest, all of our souls go through patches when they are full of sh**. Get ready to hit the flush button and detoxify the soul.

1. Complaining before 10 a.m.

We have a pre-coffee window to be a I’m-not-a-morning-person-dickhead, however if your soul’s go-to is to judge, demand, or sigh about life, then you can consider it in need of a much needed negative enema. Try to watch your thoughts and comments and see how long you can stay positive for—you may be surprised. Think of it as a positive marathon: every hour is a victory lap.

2. The art of the “resting b*** face”

Ever caught the eye of a stranger in a mirror and dished out an evil glance, only to realize that, yes, you just evil-eyed yourself? Hands up, let’s be honest, because I have. I had to almost apologize to myself after thinking look-at-that-show-pony-snobby-face-blonde… oh what, yup, that’s me. Think about not only the look on your face that you send out to others, but also the vibe you put out. Your soul’s energy is as infectious as a viral stomach bug, so think seriously about what you are spreading. And let’s wash our hands of any nasty vibes and put a smile on our face, regularly.

3. Judgey Pants

I’m talking about that awkward moment when we realize that something has triggered within us to automatically hate someone similar to us, for no valid reason. Why? We instantly assume they are a bit ‘single-white-female’ and rudely have copied us. How dare they! As though there are not another 1,000 people worldwide wearing those exact lululemon leggings and GAP jumper, I mean, the nerve! Actually, it is our individuality being threatened and everything about how we define ourself, right down to our soul’s purpose is under fire. Well, in our head it is anyway. Stop clenching your butt and relax! Zoom out on why you may be feeling threatened or judgemental, and realize that there really is enough individualism to go around, letting everyone have their own look, own character, and own purpose in life. No two people, after all, are ever identical.

4. Snap Mode

Eye twitch. Nostril flare. Thoughts of going postal at your work space. That moment when if the person next to you clicks their pen one more time, I swear…. All very clear signs you need to let some sh** go. The prescription: take a mental health day, take a moment for yourself to unwind and gather your thoughts. In this modern day, everything now, instant, download, fast-paced world it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you feel like you are ready to snap, or are catching your snapping at others verbally, then tap out of the situations that add stress to your soul for a moment so you can regroup and recharge.

5. Actual Constipation

You literally can’t let sh** go. You feel bloated, agitated, irritable and generally like crap. Remember that as well as diet and lifestyle, our emotional well-being can also affect how regular we are. So make sure you nourish your soul with rest and relaxation when negativity or stress have your colon in a choke hold.

Recognized the soul symptoms? The good news, by actively choosing to let it flow, and let it go you will be able to feel the instance refleif of a more regulated soul. The key to keep regular? Regularly choosing to flush out the negative with a hardly detox of positive, smiles, and compliments to combat soul constipation. Your new mantra, let that sh** go.

Find out more on how to manage your soul at emmamildon.com, or pre-order Emma’s book, The Soul Searchers Handbook.

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