5 Reasons Why Soul Searching is Good for Your Sex Life

Emma Mildon on how being a spiritual soul seeker pays off in between the sheets

Soul Searchers (as I call them) live in a constant state of liberation, awareness, and connection—from daily routines, to yoga practices, to, yep, in the bedroom. Here are five reasons why soul searching leads to a better sex life. Indeed, being a spiritual soul seeker really does pay off in between the sheets.

1. Soul Orgasms

I love those orgasmic explosions that occur when your relationship is in complete alignment—when all the right touch points get hit. I’m talking a connection in all mind-body-spiritual dimensions. A soul orgasm happens when your awareness, appreciation, respect, connection, love, and attraction all lock into place, releasing a toe-curling, eye-rolling, pillow-biting, all-around love rush through your body. That feeling is definitely worth searching for.

2. Soul Searching Cirque du Soleil

Whether you have read too many Kama Sutra books or seen too many sex tricks on the Internet and believe you are a two-person act in the bedroom, I get what you’re thinking. Soul searching is all about exploration. That said, I need you to back away from the ping-pong balls and listen: Exploring new shores in the bedroom makes for an entertaining, liberated sex life, but you need make sure it’s about what you and your partner really want, and not just about putting on a good show.

3. Soul Search Satisfaction

As a Soul Searcher you have a wider appreciation for all things. Yup, you’re that person that says everything you taste, smell, hear, is “ohmie-god-this-is-amaaaazing”—and while incredibly annoying to most people it means that whomever you share your bed with gets to ride the huge appreciation, positive energy, gratitude wave that spills out of you during sex. Yes, your overwhelming satisfaction for life in general means you are more satisfied in the bedroom, in turn making your partner more satisfied.

4. Heart Chakra Explosions

The heart chakra is a place of connection and giving and receiving love. As a Soul Searcher you will find your heart may fuel your sexual appetite, which means you have one lucky partner. Why? Because you love to give love! And do you know what kindness, positive energy, karma, love, and great sex all have in common? The more you give, the more you get back. Boom! One small disclaimer, though: Please be careful not to cross the line between heart chakra actions and heart harassment actions. For example, ask yourself, is it kind, or is it creepy?

5. Soul Search Sensei

One aspect of becoming a sensei—a great martial arts teacher—is mastering the art of energy. Similarly, Soul Searchers have mastered the art of energy throughout their lives: positive energy, healing energy, sensual energy, and yes, sexual energy. You’ve discovered that it’s less about the action of sex, and more about teaching your partner about the connection, energy exchange, and power of mastering the art of lovemaking. Wax on, wax off.

So next time your wanting to get down as a Soul Searcher, remember its less about firing out a cheeky wink and more about inviting someone you have a connection with to exchange in your energy. #EnergyIntercourse

Emma MildonEmma-mildon, also known as the Spiritual Personal Assistant, is an author, columnist, speaker and spiritualist. Her online spiritual hub and app hosts resources to fuel Soul Searching, offering books, beats, videos and products to help you on your spiritual journey. Her book, The Soul Searchers Handbook, is available on pre-sale now. Also find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram