The Power of a Good Soak: Miraculous Baths for Any Mood

Baths can do wonders for the soul—no matter what’s ailing you… Emotionally or physically. Here are six different “recipes” to get your soak on.

At the end of a long day, there are few better ways to unwind than to light a candle, put on some calming tunes, and soak in a warm bath. The whole world melts away as the tension you’ve unknowingly been holding onto dissolves into the water swirling around you. Bathing has a transformative power, and with the addition of certain natural ingredients, it can provide profound healing in accordance with specific physical and emotional concerns. Whether you’re feeling overtired, wound up, under the weather, or simply want to luxuriate in a soothing, skin-softening soak, there’s a bath recipe for you.

bath surrounded by pine and ferns
Photo by Lisa Moyneur


Warm baths have long been the tried and true remedy for sore muscles and joints after a strenuous workout. For an added recovery boost, Kneipp’s Arnica Mineral Bath Salt combines the healing powers of arnica—an herb used to reduce pain and swelling—with thermal spring salts sourced from an ancient underground ocean, located 1,500 feet below the Earth’s surface. The naturally-occurring magnesium, calcium, and zinc in the salt are combined with the arnica plant oil, along with an essential oil blend of pine, rosemary, and Siberian fir to provide simultaneously warming and cooling effects to soothe and revive depleted muscles.

Promote Restful Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Try incorporating a nourishing Herbal Bath Salt with valerian and hops into your night-time routine. Valerian, sometimes referred to as a “wonder root,” has been used for centuries for its calming and anxiety-relieving effects. The herb operates a bit like a sedative for an overactive mind and nervous system, and helps to alleviate tension and promote a more restful sleep. Combined with thermal spring salts that detoxify the body and cleanse the skin, this serene soak will not only lull you into a deep sleep, but also help you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

woman in bath with rose
Photo by Anita Austvika

Relax and Unwind

When we’re feeling emotionally stressed or depleted, sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is address the physical tension we subconsciously hold in our body. A warm bath with Lavender Mineral Bath Salts helps detoxify the body while easing restlessness and reminding us to slow down and bask in a moment of tranquility. Among its plethora of benefits, lavender is known for its ability to alleviate stress and depression, reduce inflammation, and relieve headaches and pain. (Plus, it smells absolutely divine).

Breathe Easier

When you’re feeling under the weather, taking a bath can do wonders to help alleviate congestion and aid in general physical discomfort. For a bath that’s equal parts healing, stimulating, and soothing, try including a Eucalyptus Bath Oil. Inhaling the warm eucalyptus steam eases respiratory issues by loosening stuck mucus so that you can breathe more easily. Additionally, eucalyptus can alleviate achiness and joint pain by reducing inflammation, while also promoting relaxation and refreshing the body.

water running into refreshing bath
Photo by Holger Link


Need a reboot? A soothing mineral salt bath can help. Soaking in salts assists in the body’s natural detoxification process while restoring tired muscles and cleansing skin. Containing salt sourced from 1,500 feet below the Earth’s surface in a 250-million year old ocean, Kneipp’s Juniper Mineral Bath Salt is pure and uncontaminated, and possesses a unique structure that enhances the concentration of blended essential oils, including juniper, wintergreen, and rosemary (a combination commonly found in muscle ointments). Juniper oil is particularly effective in stimulating a positive mood, energy and focus, while also soothing muscles and providing antiseptic properties to fend off infection.

Luxuriate and Moisturize

If your skin is feeling a bit dry after a long winter, or you simply want to enjoy a decadent, spa-worthy soak, add some Argan and Marula Bath Oil to your routine. Commonly called “Moroccan liquid gold,” argan oil has been utilized throughout history as a nourishing elixir that protects skin and hair and retains supple skin. Marula oil, sourced from South Africa, possesses similar properties, and both are packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins C and E, and antioxidants that are vital for protecting and strengthening skin and locking in moisture.

Whatever your mood, there’s a bath for you. Grab your bath supplies and enjoy!