How to Enjoy Morning Coffee Without the Jitters

Love your daily cup of coffee but don’t love feeling like a crazy person after you’ve had too much? Here’s our secret for slowing down caffeine consumption.

For many of us, no morning is complete without a piping hot cup of coffee. While a morning cup o‘ joe has become ubiquitous in both culture and routine, so have the so-called “post-caffeine jitters.” If you have the tendency to consume cup after cup, you’re likely very familiar with these jitters—creeping anxious feelings that may cause you to feel on edge, restless, dizzy, sweaty, and even a little shaky. There are several things you can to do to help stave off jitters, namely, swapping out coffee for something more herbal. Not an option? Good news, caffeine-nuts—there’s a way to mitigate that without giving up on the brown gold. Enter: Collagen.

Collagen—the most abundant protein in your body—is the main structural protein found in skin and tissue. But don’t let associations of Botox or skin cream taint the way you feel about putting collagen into your cup. Powdered collagen has been hydrolyzed, meaning that its amino acids have been broken down into super small molecules that your body can easily absorb. There are a slew of alleged benefits to collagen, but in addition to health benefits, turns out collagen can sup up coffee just like it does your bod. Here’s how. 

Spreading the Caffeinated Love

Protein and fat can both elongate and distribute the effects of caffeine. Collagen creamer is awesome because it’s rich in protein, amino acids, and healthy fats. Not only does collagen creamer help to make you feel satiated (no more of those belly aches that come from consuming black coffee on an empty stomach), it also slows down the release of caffeine and balances your blood sugar and energy levels, so that you don’t end up anxious and/or crashing before noon.

Invisible Benefits

The best thing about adding this nutrient-rich supplement to your morning beverage is that it’s absolutely tasteless and odorless. Unlike other powdered supplements that can change the flavor of your fave drink, even slightly, you’ll never know collagen has been added. Note: There may be small clumps that sink to the bottom of your cup. Just let them sink. It won’t change the flavor!

Make It Fancy

Move over, regular old flavored creamer. Vital Proteins Mocha Creamer (also comes in coconut, vanilla, or gingerbread) is a delicious, dairy-free addition to coffee, tea, or even baked goods. It contains 9 grams of healthy fats from Medium Chain Triglyceride-rich coconut milk, and 10 grams of clean protein. Plus, the powder dissolves seamlessly into the coffee, so you won’t have to adapt to any new funky textures in order to get all of the added benefits.

Master Matcha

OK, OK… We know it’s not coffee. But matcha has just about the same amount of caffeine as an Americano, and it’s super yummy with a scoop of collagen. The fun part about matcha is that your body absorbs its caffeine differently than it does coffee. Caffeine spreads throughout your body slowly, so the boost is spread over hours rather than a quick hit. Use this collagen matcha recipe and feel a sustained high all day long.

Reclaim your morning free of the shakes or a mid-morning crash—and snag a beauty/immune support boost while you’re at it. The day is yours.