Ashley Wood: In 2020, the Sorrows Are Deeper and the Colours Are Brighter

„This is a spiritual revolution. We are being called back to ourselves, to our frequency, our purpose and the reason we chose to be in this body at this time.“

As the world grapples with the shift toward social isolation, managing pandemic-related stress, and an uncertain future, we at Wanderlust know that our greatest strengths are the wisdom of our leaders and the power of community.

We have reached out to the lighthouses in our teaching community to share some succinct, actionable insights with our community, as well as to call on us to be bold and envision how this shift can create a better world. Because extraordinary times call for extraordinary leadership. 


I’m coping by remaining grounded in the present. I’m doing Line Activations, drinking a lot of water, and remembering something I channeled at the beginning of the year: “In 2020, the sorrows are deeper and the colours are brighter.”

AshleyWoodThis is a spiritual revolution. We are being called back to ourselves, to our frequency, our purpose and the reason we chose to be in this body at this time. Social distancing, working from home, coffee shops closing — these are signs that now is the time to know yourself.

For most of us, we’ve been taught to look outside of ourselves for guidance and because of that, we’ve lost connection to ourselves. Right now, we are being reminded to listen to ourselves.

Within every single person there is an energetic frequency (“the Line”) running through them. It is through this Line that we receive messages from our highest self, though we may only know them as our gut feelings or intuition. Our awareness of the messages can be activated by a Line Activation, a simple breath and movement practice that brings you home to yourself. To your frequency. To your guidance. Everything you need is at this home within you.



Do Line Activations every single day, write down the messages you receive and then take action on them. I’m can’t tell you anything specific beyond that because you need to start listening to yourself and the messages you receive through your Line. Your messages come from your highest self – literally the highest frequency that your soul exists within. The more you act on these messages, the more you align with this frequency.

Living as your highest self requires you to act more intentionally – something many of us are being confronted with right now. Think about washing your hands. In these times, we see so clearly how something that benefits us also helps everyone else.

Truly intentional living requires you to be mindful of your decisions and to literally activate your awareness of a higher, more compassionate form of living. For yourself and for others. When we align with that frequency within us and show up in the world as our full selves, we will make mindful decisions that create a positive impact on the world. This is spirituality in the New Paradigm.


AshleyWood300Ashley Wood is the founder of A Line Within, is on a mission to modernize the Akashic Records by teaching you how to use the Line to access the infinite wisdom of your soul and align with your Highest Self.

There’s an energetic Line running within you that connects you to the same realm as your Akashic Record. From the moment you were born you’ve been receiving messages through this Line that guide you to the life you incarnated to live.

Find more about A Line Within and Ashley’s work on her website, Instagram, and on her podcast, The Line.

Here is the archived IG LIVE with Ashley Wood:

Ashley Wood ~ Akashic Records ~ English ~ 3/30/20

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