a 10-day yoga challenge

with Hannah Barrett

January 22 - 31, 2021

Step on the mat wherever you are with Live and On-Demand classes from the world's most sought after teachers across yoga, meditation, breathwork and more. Let the Wanderlust experience come to you and join a global community online and in-person at Wanderlust events around the world.

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In 2020, we spent more time at home than ever before.

With this yoga challenge, which begins at the end of a truly challenging year, we hope to reveal the true meaning of home. Home isn't just a physical place — it's a sanctuary inside us all, a place that the outside world can't touch.

It Starts At Home is a free 10-day yoga challenge offering 10 days of 30-minute classes to develop that inner freedom, strength and peace.

Led by the accomplished London-based teacher Hannah Barrett, It Starts At Home will prepare you for the better days coming in 2021. Shot at home and socially distanced this January, Hannah's accessible classes are ideal for everyone from complete beginners to more seasoned practitioners.

Each day, you will focus on a different part of the body and move, breathe, and sweat, with two restoration and recovery days built in at Day 4 and Day 8 of the challenge.
Register now and beginning on January 22, you'll receive a daily email with practice tips and a link to each day's class. New classes will unlock daily for free, on-demand viewing on Wanderlust TV.

Best of all, registrants will be entered to win an ultimate home practice kit: a full-year subscription to Wanderlust TV, a Wanderlust x Manduka yoga mat, and a $500 Lululemon gift card*.

Registrants are invited to meet Hannah in our virtual yoga studio, where she’ll hold office hours to answer questions and share tips to further your practice.

Our personal growth and self-discovery begins one step at a time, right where you are.

* Prize draw open to residents of the US, Canada and UK

The free 10-day challenge starts on Friday, January 22, 2021 and continues until the end of January.

All You Need to Know

During Jan 22 - 31, a new video unlocks each day and locks after 3 days. If you wish to participate in the Challenge after the free window, you can subscribe to Wanderlust TV.
By signing up for the 10-Day Yoga Challenge, you make a valuable commitment to yourself. Whether you’re a newbie or a yoga veteran, a daily practice improves physical strength, increases mindfulness and mental clarity, and builds confidence. Simply show up, meet the moment, breathe to the beat, and prepare for the potential for profound shift.
Hannah has been practicing and studying yoga for more than INSERT DETAILS HERE..... Her collaboration with DJ Taz has resulted in the beat based bedrock for this transformational practice.

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