Think well. Move well. Lead well.

You’ve yearned for a holistic exploration into wellness, but there hasn’t been a place to combine your thoughts, ideas and energy into action—until now.

Wellspring is a gathering at the source of wellness. Set in the heart of Palm Springs’ legendary oasis, it’s a chance to surround yourself with practices, ideas and experiences designed to inspire and motivate. With over 200 different classes, lectures, workshops and panels across yoga, meditation, fitness, holistic medicine, nutrition, social change, conscious capitalism and more, it’ll challenge you to think about wellness in a whole new way.

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Mindfulness Maven

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Fitness Junkie

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Clean Beauty Connoisseur

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Biohack Buff

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Wellness Weekend Warrior

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Conscious Entrepreneur

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The Business of Well

Wellness professionals, from startup companies to practitioners growing their personal brand, are going direct to their audience and finding new ways to do good and do well. In partnership with Conscious Capitalism, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to elevating humanity through business, we've curated a number of panel discussions, investor forums, and a wide ranging wellness business curriculum that will be of use to anyone thinking of turning their passion for wellness into a profession.

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Community Building

In person, face-to-face communication -- the old fashioned kind -- fosters interpersonal wellness. Personal networks also are the lifeblood of wellness professionals and companies. Across the 3-day weekend, we’re providing our badgeholders with numerous digital-free opportunities to meet up, chat, learn and socialize. Healthy treats will be provided.

Downtown Palm Springs

Wellspring takes place in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, a destination for wellness tourists and movie stars since the turn of the century. We’re working with fine area restaurants & spas to expand and enhance the Wellspring experience throughout the entire downtown area.

The Wellspring Expo

The Wellspring Expo will bring together more than 140 of the leading brands in one indoor marketplace. From natural health & beauty to supplements, from organic foods to fitness, we’ve got the newest products and services all in one place.

Open to badgeholders as well as the general public, the Expo will attract thousands of healthy lifestyle consumers daily.