Think well. Move well. Lead well.

You’ve yearned for a holistic exploration into wellness, but there hasn’t been a place to combine your thoughts, ideas and energy into action—until now.

Wellspring is a gathering at the source of wellness. Set in the heart of Palm Springs’ legendary oasis, it’s a chance to surround yourself with practices, ideas and experiences designed to inspire and motivate. With over 200 different classes, lectures, workshops and panels across yoga, meditation, fitness, holistic medicine, nutrition, social change, conscious capitalism and more, it’ll challenge you to think about wellness in a whole new way.


A Little Bit of Everything

For Fitness Junkies

7:30 AM

Unplug: Mantras for Modern Well-Being with Unplug Meditation
In this class, you’ll learn what mantras are, why they work, and how to use them in meditation. It’s time to clear out mental clutter so you can create that inner-peace you’ve been seeking.


7:00 AM

Restorative Running with coach Jessie Zapo
This class is designed to give participants a group run with coaching tips and a meaningful dialogue on overall wellness, injury prevention and sustainability. The format of the run will include a ten minute dynamic stretching routine with tips before the run, a 40 minute group run at a conversational pace and 10 minute cool down stretch.


9:00 AM

Ayurveda Treatment Workshop with Marc Holzman
Ayurveda teaches us that aligning with nature’s rhythms are is the key to longevity and wellbeing. In this workshop you will create a rock solid, accessible morning ritual so you can start your day like a champion.


9:00 AM

Bodywork Session with Rad Roller
Large scale movements always create lymph flow but at the level of a single joint, there may be small motions and muscles that aren’t sharing the load equally. In this session you will receive guided instruction in myofascial release using a Rad Roller, stimulating your fascial layers so that they remain pliable and supple—able in turn creating more balanced, aligned movement.


10:00 AM

Flow Dojo by Flow Genome Project in partnership with Spiritual Gangster
Flow is the peak performance state where you feel your best and you perform your best. This heightened state is normally reserved for world-class athletes or the world’s most prolific CEOs, but the Flow Dojo is an entry point for the rest of us. Step into this exploratorium of kinetic equipment and learn how Flow state can heighten creativity, increase performance, and accelerate problem solving, all while having a heck of a lot of fun.


10:30 AM

The Class by Taryn Toomey taught by Natalie Kuhn
The Class is a practice of self study through physical conditioning. Through simple, repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics, participants challenge the body to engage the mind. With guided instruction and carefully curated music, this Class invites students to witness their resistance to discomfort. The result is an expansive, heart-opening, body-strengthening release.


11:30 AM

Conscious Parenting with Insiya Rasiwala-Finn
We all want more balance, health and ease for our children—and for ourselves. Learn how to create family rhythm and rituals, parent your children with more compassion, and live with more harmony, connection and love.


12:00 PM

Nutrition, Body & Movement
part of the Feel Good track curated by Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Mark Hyman’s view of integrative health includes 8 spokes of a wheel designed to make you “Feel Good”, and we are proud to have a stage curated according to these values at Wellspring. Two critical spokes of that wheel are Nutrition and Body & Movement, and we have assembled some of Dr. Hyman’s network of experts to explore. Join Max Lugavere, Dr. Robert Graham, Jason Wrobel and Keith Mitchell to discuss the interplay between what we put in our bodies and how the body responds.


1:00 PM

Live Podcast Recording: “Black Girl in Om”
Join a select studio audience to be a fly on the wall as Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory discourse with a Wellspring Featured Guest on all things wellness, self-care and self-love for women of color. This buzzworthy show inspires yogis, wellness enthusiasts and holistic lifestyle-lovers to examine their choices and celebrate the emerging space for women of color in wellness.


1:00 PM

Essential Oils Treatment
This 1-1 session offers 30 minutes of a scent-journey tailored to you. Need to relax and restore your muscles after an intense morning workout? Need to wake up the body naturally? A mid-afternoon pick-me up from a full day of lectures, panels, and movement? The essential oils specialist will mix up a custom blend that will be diffused in a quiet space where you can rest, journal, or stretch, and then take with you to massage into sore muscles later.


3:00 PM

Beauty Comes Clean
Come hear some of the world’s most recognizable faces (like Alicia Silverstone, Founder of The Kind Life) join forward-thinking CEOs to discuss how true beauty is so much more than skin deep. The cosmetics industry had been rife with toxins and poor practice for decades until consumer-led change demanded that companies step up and become transparent and accountable. Here’s how the revolution unfolded and how we can keep the momentum going, staying beautiful AND healthy along the way.


2:00 PM

Emotional Health & Relationships
part of the Feel Good track curated by Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Mark Hyman is a big advocate of the idea that suppressing negative emotions has a detrimental effect on your health. Emotional Health is key to personal well-being, and the quality of our relationships is a huge part of that. Join Dr. Drew Ramsey, Dr. Robin Berzin and relationships expert Mark Groves for an exploration of how we can augment our emotional health through the clarity of conscious relationships.


4:00 PM

Keynote with Marianne Williamson on Integrative Politics
As one of the most recognized figures in our community of seekers, Marianne Williamson has built a career on bold and unapologetic inclusion. From her roots with A Course in Miracles to her more recent foray into Integrative Politics, she demonstrates how our practice is not separate from our politics. Together, we will realize what Mahatma Gandhi meant when he said, “politics should be sacred,” meaning, stemming from the deepest part of ourselves.


4:00 PM

Gloveworx Signature Session
A concentrated, high-energy training session. With a wide variety of boxing techniques and exercises tailored to the group’s needs and expertise of the coaches, you’ll receive the personalized attention necessary to learn how to push yourself. Signature Sessions will rapidly increase your skill set while giving you an athlete-level workout.


5:00 PM

Soulstrology Soundbath with Ambi Sitham
Ambi will open the soundbath with a short lecture decoding the recent moon and the celestial energies of the month ahead. Following the lecture lie back and allow yourself to drift off into a deep healing meditation as Ambi performs a reiki infused soundbath with a carefully curated selection of planetary gongs, quartz crystal bowls and chimes, clearing your energy field and aligning your chakras.


5:30 PM

Energy Makes Things Happen with Scott Schwenk
We’ll unpack and empower your capacities to be an agent of radiant wellbeing in your organizations and the world at large through the lenses of clear focused Intent, skillful Architecture, and Environments of flow. Essentially we’re working with the tools for catalyzing flow states in relationships, groups, and organizations. For all levels of experience. (Class includes progressive Tantric meditations, a motivational talk, and ends with a deep session of Ecstatic Breathwork).


6:00 PM

DJ Set by the pool feat. Marques Wyatt
Lounge the night away poolside at The Renaissance with a very special DJ set with deep house music titan, Marques Wyatt. A cornerstone of the Los Angeles dance community and father of DEEPLA, Marques brings a wide range of global influence and community to his music, whether it be for dance or yoga events, and this very special poolside set will be no different.


The Business of Well

Wellness professionals, from startup companies to practitioners growing their personal brand, are going direct to their audience and finding new ways to do good and do well. We’ve curated a number of panel discussions, investor forums, and a wide ranging wellness business curriculum that will be of use to anyone thinking of turning their passion for wellness into a profession.

Community Building

In person, face-to-face communication -- the old fashioned kind -- fosters interpersonal wellness. Personal networks also are the lifeblood of wellness professionals and companies. Across the 3-day weekend, we’re providing our badgeholders with numerous digital-free opportunities to meet up, chat, learn and socialize. Healthy treats will be provided.

Downtown Palm Springs

Wellspring takes place in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, a destination for wellness tourists and movie stars since the turn of the century. We’re working with fine area restaurants & spas to expand and enhance the Wellspring experience throughout the entire downtown area.

The Wellspring Expo

The Wellspring Expo will bring together more than 140 of the leading brands in one indoor marketplace. From natural health & beauty to supplements, from organic foods to fitness, we’ve got the newest products and services all in one place.

Open to badgeholders as well as the general public, the Expo will attract thousands of healthy lifestyle consumers daily.