Move. Think. Lead.

You’ve yearned for a holistic exploration into wellness, but there hasn’t been a place to combine your thoughts, ideas and energy into action—until now.

Wellspring is a gathering at the source of wellness. Set foot in Palm Springs’ legendary oasis and surround yourself with sights, sounds and experiences designed to inspire. Our world-class practices and workshops are hand-curated to move mind, body and soul. Workshops and panels will challenge you to think about wellness in a whole new way.

As you travel home, Wellspring will stay with you. Wellspring will ignite the pilot light within you—take your experience back to your community and create a ripple effect of lasting change.


Whether you’re new to yoga & meditation or a seasoned veteran, Wellspring offers levels and styles to keep your body moving and your mind relaxed. Wellspring is produced by Wanderlust, after all, so whichever way you flow, you’ll learn from the world’s best.


If you’re looking for the latest in pulse-pounding fitness activities, we’ve got you covered. From spinning to barre, from pilates to HIIT, the experience is yours to choose (and a shower won’t be far either).


We’re curating the leading lights in wellness for our daily workshops and panels. From personal development and holistic health to the modest goal of saving the world, experience thought-provoking, action-oriented ideas and agendas that will inspire, get you moving and thinking.


At the heart of Wellspring is our expanded Wellspring Expo — the biggest, tastiest, healthiest exposition of wellness-focused brands on the planet. Spanning hundreds of exhibitors in fitness, natural beauty, healthy eating, nutrition, apparel, preventative medicine and more, discovery awaits.

If you are interested in exhibiting at Wellspring, please click here for support.


All that work on and off the mat requires healthy fuel, and Wellspring offers it all. Our on-site juice bar will be pressing on overdrive, and our food vendors, exhibitors and chefs will be whipping up fine healthy fare throughout the weekend.


Take a break throughout the day with one of our restorative treatments. Whether that’s a hands-on acupressure or acupuncture session, an aromatherapy workshop, or just a quick lift at the oxygen bar, you can expand your mind while healing your body.

Early access tickets will be released January 2018.
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