What a wild, wonderful, transformative few years it’s been! To celebrate and remember some great times, we’re putting together a digital Wanderlust Scrapbook and we’d love for you to add your photos and memories.

To add to the scrapbook:

1. Post a photo of any #WanderlustFestival or #Wanderlust108 (or even Yoga to the City event, for you real OGs!)
2. Tag it with both #FindYourTrueNorth and #ComeTogether. Then tag @wanderlustfest in the photo, as well as a friend you’d like to experience Wanderlust with. Please note: All of the above instructions must be met in order to qualify.
3. 108 photos will be selected and added to the digital Wanderlust Scrapbook on wanderlust.com. This will then be shared on our Wanderlust Facebook page.
4. Of those 108 photos, 10 grand prize winners will be chosen to receive two (2) tickets to any Fall 2018 U.S. or Canadian 108.


Join us in reminiscing, and enter for a chance to win tickets to make new memories.

Official Rules