2018 O'ahu Wanderlust Festival Partner Guide

Thank you for participating in Wanderlust O’ahu. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience from beginning to end. Please read the below information and should you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to a wonderful event!

General Partner Information


Please fill out the Partner Advance Form by Wednesday, January 31. This information will help us ensure all your needs are met onsite.


Wednesday, February 28: Load-In

Thursday, March 1 – Sunday, March 4: Festival

Sunday, March 4: Load-Out


57-091 Kamehameha Hwy

Kahuku, HI 96731


Wanderlust Oahu Plan


Onsite parking is free, first-come-first-served.


wanderlust.com/shipping for details on shipping to/from event.

SHIPPING FORM: Please fill out to notify us of every package you ship to the festival.


Wednesday: 1 PM – 5 PM

Exact vehicle arrival time will be advanced by the Sponsor Operations Manager:

NAME: Jon Bingham
PHONE: 801-598-9608
EMAIL: Jon@wanderlust.com

NOTE: No vehicles are allowed in the village for load-in/out. All booths should be set up and prepared to open by 8 AM on Thursday.


Thursday – Saturday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM / Sunday: 8:30 AM – 5 PM

Booths must stay open until 5:30 PM Thursday – Saturday and 5 PM on Sunday.  If you would like to stay open later, you may reopen at 6:30 PM Friday – Saturday (no music Thursday) for the evening concerts. Please note the market area is dark after sunset and Wanderlust does not supply lighting for individual tents.  If you would like to re-open for the evening concerts we recommend lighting for your tent.  Your Wanderlust contact will be available from 7 AM – 5 PM daily.  A $500 fee will be charged to brands that break down their tent before 5 PM on Sunday.


Sunday: beginning at 5 PM

Please note load-out may take a few hours, so please book your travel accordingly. A $500 fee will be charged to brands that break down their tent before 5 PM on Sunday.

NOTE: No vehicles are allowed in the village for load-in/out.


Please consult with your Wanderlust point of contact if you are planning to build a custom activation.

Unless you have arranged to bring your own tent, you will be provided a white, festival-style high-peak tent or a white, fiesta-frame style tent at the size specified in your contract. It is recommended you bring zip ties to help secure tent walls at night. If you have arranged to bring your own tent, you are responsible for bringing your own walls and weights.

Wanderlust provides brands with 8′ tall tents. Please size any wall banners appropriately. Measurements for full wall banners can be found below-

10 x 10 tent: 9′ 5″ wide x 7′ 9″ tall

10 x 20 tent: 19′ 5″ wide x 7′ 9″ tall

20 x 20 tent: 19′ 5″ wide x 7′ 9″ tall

*All activations must be kept inside the measurements of your footprint (10 x 10, 10 x 20, etc.)


Tables, linens, chairs, and access to electricity can be provided to partners. Please submit the Partner Advance Form by Wednesday, January 31.

For electricity, you should bring any additional power strips and/or extension cords needed. It is recommended that you bring a 100ft extension cord for each circuit.


Standard internet can be provided in the Kula Marketplace. Please request via your Wanderlust point of contact in advance of arriving onsite.

If high speed internet access is mission critical, we recommend you bring your own 4G/LTE hotspot(s) as backup. The quality of mobile 4G/LTE access on the festival grounds varies by carrier, phone/hotspot type, and the location of the event, so please discuss with your Wanderlust point of contact in advance so we can make appropriate recommendations. Regardless of your connection type, Wanderlust cannot guarantee 100% Internet uptime at any event.


Please place orders for ice and cold storage on the Partner Advance Form.  Space in our cold storage is available for $200 per 4×4 pallet. Ice delivery is available for $8 per 20lb bag. You will be billed for the requested ice and cold storage after the event.


Click below to learn more about the Health Regulations.

Special Events Health Department Requirements

Click below for the permit application.

Special Events Permit Application


You may need to submit for a Temporary Food Stand Application if you will be sampling or selling any food or beverage products. You do not need a permit if you are selling non-potentially hazardous foods, such as baked goods, granola bars and other foods that do not need refrigeration and are shelf stable. If you have any questions about whether or not you will need a permit, please reach out to Bethany Costello from our F&B team, contact info below. There is a $50 fee per application for events lasting 1-5 days.


State of Hawaii 



AIEA, HI 96701

Please note: You will need to include a pre-stamped envelope in order to have your permit mailed back to you. Alternatively, you may pick up your permit at the above location ahead of the Wanderlust Oahu Festival event. The health department is approximately 50 minutes from site and 10 minutes from the airport. We recommend picking up your application upon arrival in Oahu.

For any questions regarding the application, contact: 

Bethany Costello



You may sample products during the event however please note only sample size products of 3 ounces or less may be distributed. Please specify if and what you will sample in the Partner Advance Form.


If you are serving food or beverages, hand washing stations within the booth are the responsibility of the partner.

Here are instructions on constructing a Hand Washing Station.


Approved items including paper cups, compostable plates and more can be found here.

Use of compostable products is mandatory at all Wanderlust Events. In order to comply with these greening initiatives, styrofoam and plastic food service ware is not permitted. We appreciate your support in our recycling and composting program!

Please break down your cardboard and separate recyclables from trash at your booth. If you need bags, or require extra bins or service, please ask your onsite Wanderlust contact or a green team member. Clear or white bags are for recycling and black bags are for trash. All food and compost must go in compostable receptacles lined with either green or clear bags.

Please DO NOT leave anything behind. This includes weights for your tents such as cinder blocks, sand from sand bags, pallets, carpets, décor, etc.

Wanderlust will place trash/recycling receptacles throughout the village, however any receptacles within the booth are your responsibility.

Please be respectful of the festival grounds by leaving no trace behind.


No promotional giveaways made from plastic are permitted. Please refrain from any plastic or unnecessary individual packaging for samples or giveaways. Conserving when possible is much appreciated. All printed promotional materials must be printed on recycled paper, however, we encourage reducing printed materials by providing brand messaging and discount codes on display boards.


Wanderlust encourages our partners to use signage and banners with sustainable materials, such as natural fabrics or reclaimed wood, instead of vinyl or plastic whenever possible.


Seller’s Permit: You must file a seller’s permit if you intend to sell any goods in the state of Hawaii.


You must submit a full name and unique email address for each ticket holder to: amandac@wanderlust.com. Deadlines for requesting tickets are outlined below.  Please refer to your contract to confirm the number of tickets allotted for your brand.  After you submit full names and unique email addresses, your tickets will be issued and you will receive an email from Eventbrite with the ticket.  You will also receive an activation email from sched.org with instructions for log in and scheduling your classes.  If you don’t see the sched.org email, please check your spam folder.  Once you arrive on-site you can pick up your credentials for your already issued 4-Day Festival pass at The Compass.  All other credentials will be distributed by your Wanderlust point of contact when you arrive onsite.  Please note credentials are not necessary to access the Kula Marketplace; they are only needed to access programming such as music, yoga classes, etc.

Ticket Request Deadline:

Monday, February 12, 2018


Oahu weather varies from extraordinary sunshine to downpours! Plan ahead for possible rain and windy conditions. Please arrive prepared with appropriate rain gear and hard weather clothing. The festival will happen rain or shine.


All display cases, racks, merchandise and accessories that are left overnight in your booth are your responsibility. The Festival and/or host site will provide roving overnight security, but expressly assumes no responsibility for any loss or damages that might occur.


Any capture of photos or videos on-site must be approved in advance by Wanderlust. Such approval will not be unreasonably withheld provided that such photo or video capture occurs in close proximity to your activation area. All photographers and videographers must be identified in advance and must wear appropriate photo/video credentials issued by Wanderlust. Wanderlust cannot authorize photo or video capture in any class. Full-resolution copies of any photos or videos captured on-site must be provided to Wanderlust promptly upon request and Wanderlust retains the right to use any photos captured at our events for promotional purposes.


Wanderlust Festival is an all out celebration of mindful living. It’s an opportunity to build community and help people cultivate a path toward their best selves–toward their true north. The success of these festivals depends on people like you. By sharing your involvement with Wanderlust across your communities, we are able to offer an awesomely inspiring experience year after year for everyone involved.  We are here to simplify this process for you by providing text templates and multimedia assets for your email lists, social media and general community outreach. Remember – these templates are just suggestions. We encourage you to share the word about Wanderlust festivals in your own voice.
Password: wanderlust2018

If you have any additional questions, please contact your account manager directly, contact information below.

Thank you for participating in the 2018 Wanderlust O’ahu Festival. We look forward to working with you!


The Partnerships Team


Jodi Blea
PHONE: 347-596-0737
EMAIL: jodi@wanderlust.com

Jacky Bereznyak
PHONE: 732-616-9442
EMAIL: jacky@wanderlust.com

Vin Treglia
PHONE: 516-375-5003
EMAIL: vin@wanderlust.com

David Tockman
PHONE: 917-515-5744
EMAIL: david@wanderlust.com

Jon Bingham
PHONE: 801-598-9608
EMAIL: jon@wanderlust.com

Danielle Zotter 
PHONE: 917-453-2035
EMAIL: danielle@wanderlust.com

Amanda Soto
PHONE: 201-463-6245
EMAIL: amanda@wanderlust.com

Amanda Crooks
PHONE: 973-617-6351
EMAIL: amandac@wanderlust.com