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Volume 2

The Tipping Point

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7 Ways to Play With Your Food

Making mealtime a joyful experience.

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Lauren Singer: How to Clean Up Your Cleaning Products

A DIY detox for your home.

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Nurturing Mindfulness in the Next Generation

Meet three organizations dedicated to nurturing our youth.

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50 Ways to Love Yourself

Self-care tips from the YOGANONYMOUS community.

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The Science of Laughter

Beyond being a joyful and fun activity, laughter has some real body benefits—from our heart system to our heart center.

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Wanderlusted: Meet the Modern-Day Pilgrims

Follow the footsteps of five modern-day pilgrims who are retracing the steps of ancestors, spreading kindness, and preserving heritage.

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Respected Wanderlust teachers discuss concepts at the heart of yoga.

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grazing-belcampo-2-webGrazing on Hope

How one California company and the woman spearheading its efforts are changing the future of food.

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MindfulPolitics2-04-webPolitically Mindful

Turning our personal practices outward to reach the tipping point for real and lasting change.

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journal_16_cover_1000Letter From the Editor

Managing Editor Lisette Cheresson gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Volume 2 of the Wanderlust Journal.

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