Tell Your Stories

Thank you for your interest in storytelling. At this time we have completed filming in Stratton. Stay tuned for a video release later this year!


At Wanderlust Stratton we’re building a small film studio to record short stories told by Wanderlust attendees and teachers.

We’re looking for great storytellers to share captivating descriptions of ordinary life as well as tales of extraordinary circumstances. These are not stories directly about yoga, but stories that speak to us as yogis. We want to hear personal, intimate accounts of insight, emotion, and inspiration.


Here’s what we’re asking.

Come prepared with three 5-7min. stories to tell. Prepare two stories based on the following topics:

  • Birth Stories: Tell us the story of when you gave birth. Everyone’s story is different, full of twists and turns. All mothers can empathize with this. And mothers-to-be could learn from a tip or two
  • My Shittiest / Best Relationship: Share your fun(ny) stories of dates and relationships gone awry. Or gone great.
  • Stories of Overcoming Fear: From sky-diving to public speaking, share your fears and how you overcame (or are overcoming) them.
  • Stories of Loss: Share your stories of loss & how you got through them. Everyone experiences loss and needs mechanisms for coping.
  • Stories of Embarrassment: Share your most embarrassing story, maybe something you’ve never told anyone.

And then… also be prepared to tell either your funniest story or the story you tell the best (they may be one and the same).


Using the form below, please give us a sense of the stories you will tell. A few sentences for each story will do. We’ll get back to you soon with an opportunity to schedule your storytelling time.


Fill out my online form.