Experience Well.

Wellspring is a first-of-its-kind wellness gathering featuring the world’s leading innovators, teachers and socially-conscious companies. For 3 days, escape to Palm Springs to discover the ideas and practices that will make you, and the world, well.

From invigorating workouts and hands-on treatments to inspirational, actionable workshops, Wellspring connects us to a common goal:  fostering healthy individuals, a healthy society and a healthy planet.

For leaders in the wellness industry, Wellspring also offers interactive seminars and workshops designed to put you at the forefront of the latest trends in wellness. And our onsite Wellspring Expo, one of the world’s largest wellness exhibitions, will connect fitness enthusiasts, influencers and innovators under one roof.

Why Attend Wellspring?

Experience transformational ideas and practices in personal, social, and global wellness.

Personal Wellness

Practice with leaders in yoga and meditation, sweat with top instructors in spinning, barre, HIIT and more, and learn from leading health experts in nutrition, functional medicine, aging and sleep. When it’s time to chill, soak up one of many treatments, from ayurveda to essential oils to bodywork.

Social Wellness

We are social creatures and the people around us matter. Our family, friends, lovers, and work colleagues are integral contributors to our well being, and Wellspring will help you explore those relationships with others, from intimacy and sex to workplace conflict resolution.

Global Wellness

The health of the planet we call home, has tangible and significant effects on our individual well-being. Explore new ideas addressing some of the biggest challenges of our time, from sustainability and social change to global health and conscious capitalism.