Yoga in HI Places

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Yoga in HI Places is an Oahu based, Silent Disco Beach Yoga Company. What is silent disco yoga? It is an innovative journey of flowing movement and sound. Immerse yourself in the beauty and motion of yoga with a pair of noise isolating wireless LED headphones, which allows you to hear the instructor at the perfect level while their curated set takes you on a musical journey into sound.

Our team of instructors comes from all walks of life. We are a unique group dedicated and passionate about creating an outdoor yoga experience for you. Yoga means union and connection. Together we unite our Ohana on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii to breathe, flow and dance as one.

Melt into the moment and turn inward as you practice to the instructor’s personalized sequence and set. Each of our gifted instructors is truly passionate about the practice of yoga. Our beach classes provide space to reignite your practice and reset your intention, surrounded by our amazing community.

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