Yoga Flame

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At Yoga Flame we believe yoga has profound physical and mental benefits that create a greater sense of health, wellbeing and mindfulness and that these benefits should be available to everybody. Our purpose is to make yoga accessible to the wider community by providing a space that is friendly, comfortable and down to earth. We offer a wide range of classes so that there is an appropriate class for everyone, whether you be a regular practitioner or brand new to the yoga mat.

Yoga and lifestyle workshops from both local and international teachers, community events, yoga retreats and teacher training are all part of our regular offerings at Yoga Flame – giving you the opportunity to expand your practice and grow our community in many ways.

Our team at Yoga Flame are leaders and innovators in the field, bring an outstanding quality of care to each class and ensuring that each and every person in the room will learn, grow and leave feeling happy, healthy and empowered.