The Yoga Seed Collective

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We are a non profit yoga studio. We work to see a world where every human knows how to take a breath before they breakdown and how to move their bodies before they slip into madness. We train so that every mentor who seeks it, will have access to trainings in mindfulness.

How we, at the Yoga Seed, do this: We inspire better health and well-being in our community by providing therapeutic yoga programs, trainings, and outreach accessible to all.

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are proven complimentary alternative treatments that we are bringing into psychiatric wards, diabetes clinics, schools and prisons in order to stop the cycle of dis-ease and the pipeline of violence. In collaboration with other systems and organizations, we hope to reduce the ENORMOUS societal costs of chronic disease, incarceration, and mental illness.

We currently serve 20,000 visits per year on-site, and we have 100+ classes per month offsite, in prisons, psych hospitals, recovery centers, juvenile hall, and more.

Trauma informed yoga programming is our focus, and social justice one of our core values. We have operated over the last five years learning the ins and outs of the yoga world. We have created our 200 and 300 hour trainings with a team of experts to fill in what other trainings were often neglecting: anatomy for differently abled bodies, modifications for various students, trauma informed language, the importance of doing research, and more. Check us out!

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