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We each have our own body, our own struggles, our own story. We each have our own unique experiences of stress, but we all universally experience and struggle with how to deal with it.

Metta is the world’s first Natural Awareness Beverage.
It is a blend of natural ingredients that helps overcome pre-existing fatigue with an immediate elevation of body and mind. Metta also helps to correct underlying stress issues and helps your body adapt to new stressors so you can live above your baseline.

To do this Metta uses clinically effective dosages of adaptogenic herbs which have been extensively validated by peer-reviewed research and used for countless years in Ayuverdic medicine. It is now available in a seriously delicious, gently carbonated beverage.

Choosing Metta is a statement of compassion, of awareness and of commitment to leading a happier, healthier life. Your life, a life worth living.

Our Activation at Wanderlust is about helping you relax by taking a second to enjoy some Metta and to experience adaptogens. We are hoping to connect as many people to Metta and help educate them on the benefits of these amazing herbs. Our activation, like our brand, will be a calm area for mindful performance in a stressful world.