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Haven Yoga & Wellness steps forth with the belief that through the practice of movement and yoga we create healthier & happier lifestyles. With two studios, Registered Massage Therapists, Wellness Massage Practitioner, Sports Chiropractor, Sports Psychologist and Certified Counsellor on staff, we offer a wide variety of pre-registered and public classes, workshops for both students and teachers along with continuing education for teachers.

Making the decision to open Haven Yoga and Wellness was simple. Our community simply began to trust in who we. As with most things, a thought is brought on by a need for something.

Our community was seeking growth in both personal practices and as a community of teachers. This became the core of our vision for Haven in the present and has continued to extend as we have grown.

Our Core Values are the enduring tenets that define who we are and what we believe. Everything we do at Haven Yoga and Wellness is guided by these Core Values. In the words of one of our favorite authors, Patrick Lencioni, “Core Values are not a matter of convenience. They cannot be extracted from an organization any more than a human being’s conscience can be extracted from his or her person.” This is what we believe. This is what we live.

We are passionate students and wellness professionals. We know that your experience and the progress of our entire organization is embedded in our commitment to improving ourselves and our knowledge base. We are passionate about continuing education, peer-reviewed teaching, workshops, books, conferences, and visits to respected teachers and educators to learn from. A desire to learn is in our DNA.

We see ourselves first and foremost as healthcare providers, teachers to students and team members. Our first desire and our first instinct are to provide quality teachings from the heart. As wellness providers, we are here to heal, not harm. We honor all who enter our environment and community.

Our greatest power is the freedom to choose; we decide what we do, what we think, and where we go. No one can take this power away from us; it is ours alone. We can do what we want to do; we can be who we want to be. Our choices determine our growth and happiness.

We are proud to say that we have grown to a Teaching Team of 20+ teachers, our Wellness Team has 5 therapists (Sports Chiropractor, Registered Massage Therapy, Wellness Massage Practitioner, Certified Counsellor, Sports Psychologist and Reception Team staff of 5.

“Our destiny isn’t always to tell it like it is. Our destiny is to live in our truth and in doing that, empower others to do the same.” -xo Rebecca

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