Food Matters

Official Website

What started out as a thought-provoking film by James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, Food Matters has now transformed into a global wellness hub featuring the latest information on natural health, recipes, and wellness guides, providing the knowledge and tools to support people on their health journey.

After discovering the power of documentaries first hand, James and Laurentine also set out to create a place where people could watch the world’s best health and wellness videos online, on demand. FMTV was born! It’s like the Netflix® for health with over 1000 videos including documentaries, expert interviews, recipe videos, yoga flows and more.

Aside from accessing this life-saving information, James and Laurentine also saw a need to make healthy eating convenient. The Food Matters Superfood range was created, offering 18 powerful superfoods in 4 unique blends.

Between the Food Matters site, films, FMTV, and Superfoods, no matter where a person is on their wellness journey, Food Matters continues to give people the tools they need to help take charge of their health.