Emi Tapley

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Emi holds space for her students to have an intimate experience with now. Through her sensuality and poeticism, she empowers feeling and supports conscious and intentional flow. With focus on simple breathing and body awareness techniques, Emi makes yoga accessible to everyone.

Emi found yoga in her early teens and it quickly became a pivotal part of her life. Later, after realising that Law school wasn’t serving her dharma, Yoga Teacher Training was an unexpected yet profoundly organic progression for Emi. She trained with Katie Lane at Grassroots Yoga who’s style is deeply informed by Tantric yoga philosophy and the principles of Anusara. Emiteaches in various locations around Christchurch, including Grassroots Yoga.

In addition to teaching yoga, Emi studies the sacred feminine. She speaks and educates about menstruation, menstrual cups, women’s health and is currently training as a Fertility Awareness Educator. 

Emi is a bold young wild woman with a flow worth following.