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Upon moving to New Zealand from Switzerland, Sandra Clair was overwhelmed with awe and love for Otago’s natural landscape, lifestyle and people.

It was in Dunedin that Sandra planted roots with her husband, Dieter, and opened her clinic in 1995. The traditional plant medicine she could usually prescribe was now out of reach. Using the knowledge passed down from her mentor Sister Pauline, she created her own therapeutic remedies. Word spread fast about “Sandra Clair’s Remedies” – their effectiveness unmatched. As demand grew, so did Sandra’s determination to give the power of plant medicine to all. Driven by her duty to a 500 year old lineage, Artemis was born.

The name links to the Greek deity, goddess of the wilderness, protector of women. Like the goddess, we find and use natural resources to look after those we care for.

Artemis is New Zealand owned and operated and exists to harness the power of traditional plant medicine.