Aleksandra Antevska

Aleksandra is an academic, a star-gazer and wellness-warrior that is dedicated to good food, good moves and good thoughts! She started her practice over 10 years ago and has since completed many hours of Yin and Vinyasa training in Ubud, Bali and now teaches in Auckland, NZ.

Aleks asks students to notice the spontaneous peace that arises when we choose to participate in the present moment through linking breath with movement in vinyasa or through the stillness and sensation found in yin yoga. Also to take their yoga off the mat and use the practice to enhance every aspect of their life.

Aleks aims to one day merge her research career in health with more holistic approaches to wellness in order to change health practices on a bigger scale. She is passionate about the potential yoga has to improve mental health and every day vitality of body and mind.