How to Train Like an Olympian

You don’t have to be a top athlete to train like one.

This summer we had the opportunity to train with the pros in the adidas x Wanderlust Store at our festivals—and despite our sore muscles, it was certainly a summer highlight. But just what is EXOS training, and why is it good for yogis? We sat down with EXOS trainer Kelly Lalonde, who filled us in on the basics. 

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How is EXOS training different than a regular workout?

Our performance specialists, or coaches, are recognized globally not only for their knowledge, background, and credentials, but also because they make people feel welcome, understood, inspired, and empowered. They create personalized training programs, motivate and assist people with achieving their goals, and develop rapport with people by being available for questions and providing clear, positive solutions.

Why do elite athletes participate in this kind of training? Is it too intense for exercise novices?

Our sports performance training reduces injuries and prepares athletes and teams to shine on the biggest stages in sports. Services are available for teams and organizations, elite athletes, youth and high school athletes, as well as adults.

How can EXOS training encourage a happy and healthy yoga practice?

We will provide you the strength and mobility you need to succeed at the pose you’ve been reaching for, move with intent, and push through the uncomfortable moments. With this new found strength you will walk out of yoga feeling stable, strong, and centered.

What can EXOS training teach you about yourself and your edge?

Success is not defined by performing at a high level once. It’s about getting better every day. You are capable of so much more than you think and when you have the knowledge, roadmap, and support, performing at your edge becomes the norm and your edge expands.

What was something you personally learned doing or teaching the EXOS training?

We must find balance in our workout: we equally push, pull and rotate. We give you what you are missing and show you blind spots so that we may enhance and improve thus lowering your chance of injury. Just as in life, we must find balance: friends, family, our work, our play and have good friends and family to let us know of our blind spots.

What would you say to folks who are interested in trying it?

Expand your comfort zone and I promise you will grow!  Nothing great was ever achieved with ease… move with purpose, uncover your inner strength, and surprise yourself!