The Politics of Well-Being

Kerri Kelly and Heidi Sieck, founders of the nonprofit CTZNWELL, discuss the political crisis of engagement in this Speakeasy from Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass

“All of the empirical research across the board says that if you have diverse perspectives around decision-making bodies, you will get better outcomes…ones that are more aligned to the well-being of all.” – Heidi Sieck

In this Speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass, Kerri Kelly and Heidi Sieck discuss the political crisis of engagement and how their nonprofit organization, CTZNWELL, is working to harness the power of the people to change the world.

While both Kelly and Sieck have always been interested in political activism, it wasn’t until an auspicious phone call during the 2012 presidential campaign that they realized their combined political knowledge could be used to effect change. Together, they created CTZNWELL, a working nonprofit that connects influential allies and advisers dedicated to democratizing the well-being for all people.

During their time immersed in politics, they were stunned by the amount of apathy and lack of engagement in national voters. They felt that this was not only a crisis that could affect our political health, but one that actually reflected the state of the nation as individuals. CTZNWELL strives to change this. It is founded on four principle ideas: the idea that we must act from our values to spark change, that we must motivate apathetic voters to realize that their voices count, that there is power in groups, and that to move forward we must reclaim that power. Through their work, Kelly and Siecks hope to move forward and create a more diverse, engaged, and healthier voting population.

“I knew that there was something to this, that the revolution had to start from within.” – Kerri Kelly

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