Something Good: What You Need to Read This Week

Uplifting news to make you smile—and think!

This is a curated version of a list that originally appeared on “A Thousand Shades of Gray.” For more of your daily dose of happy, please visit the complete list here


Freedom | Three Years in the Making from Mara Glatzel, in which she shares “The three things that helped me devote myself to this dream.”

Elise Andrew F*cking Loves Science. “She’s young, she’s a woman, and she f*cking loves science. So much so that she created a Facebook page that now boasts an audience of over 7 million.”

Exes Asked Each Other Incredibly Honest Questions And Things Got Too Real. Just one of the stories from The And project.

This Couple Quit Their Jobs to Travel And Now Scrub Toilets to Get By. “Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger wrote in a blog post that social media hides the reality of their journey around the globe.” And in their own words on their blog: Why We Quit Our Jobs in Advertising to Scrub Toilets.

Best 100 Health Coach Blogs 2015, a list from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

Teach Yourself How to Wake Up Early. Because morning hours can be productive, too.

A Guide to Dealing with Frustration and Disappointment in Yourself from Zen Habits.

Get More Done with (a Lot) Less Stress: 13 Simple and Daily Work Habits.

The Surprising Reason Humans Love Cat Videos. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t too surprised by the reason. So you know, this is one of my favorite cat videos.

Stop Waiting for Permission to Live the Life You Want to Live.

This great quote from Joseph Luzzi: “I hope you’ll discover, as I have, that it’s not what lands you in the dark woods that defines you, but what you do to make it out.” (Thanks for sharing, Lindsey).

Instead of Finding Your Passion, Find *THIS* from Laura Simms. She’s also running another round of the Your Career Homecoming Challenge, which I did last week. I learned a lot about myself and had some fun, too.

7 Ways to Protect Yourself From Other People’s Negative Energy from Marc and Angel Hack Life.

How to Move Forward Once You’ve Hit Bottom by Pema Chödrön. Brilliant.

Cockatoo Running Around Yelling Absolute Nonsense. This has been making me laugh so hard I cry. I so get how this bird feels, and watching him run around and rant makes me feel so much better, about all of it.

Mental Minimalism (It’s a Thing) from Paul Jarvis. This one really hits home for me. “We can’t do everything. We can’t say yes to everything. We especially can’t have zero boundaries if we want to have the mental space needed to create things.”

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Jill Salahub


Jill Salahub writes about the tenderness and the terror, the beauty and the brutality of life, and of her efforts to keep her heart open through it all on her blog, A Thousand Shades of Gray.