Satiate Your Wanderlust Without Leaving Home: Connect with People

Join a language group, attend a cultural festival or meditate with someone outside

In our Satiate Your Wanderlust series, we’ve covered different ways in which adventure seekers can challenge themselves without actually traveling. First, we talked about the outermost layer of wanderlust by Moving the Body. Next, we stopped to feel and appreciate physical sensation by Treating Yourself. Then we worked on Exploring the Familiar and finding new ways to open and expand our routines.

Now we move to the heart of wanderlust: connection. When we travel, we are connecting—we directly experience and clearly see our connection to the people and the world around us. How can we re-create this openness at home?


  • Language groups—After returning home from a semester in France, my only consolation to my growing melancholy came in the form of a French conversation group that met at a little café in the city. Not only will you learn a language or utilize one you normally would not, but you will also meet traveling friends and discuss (or attempt to discuss) your experiences abroad. As any travel junkie knows, finding someone who’s as excited to talk about travel as you are is like striking connection gold. Instant friend.
  • Cultural community events—Check out local community calendars and look for cultural festivals. It’s the closest thing you will find to a tangible travel experience while you’re home. All your senses will be tantalized by new food, art, clothes, music, and dance. Notice that you’re also standing in the center of a crowd of people that also love cultural festivals. Like-minded people abound. Try to meet someone.
  • Volunteer—A great way to foster connection is to reach out your hand and help people. Follow your heart and contribute to a cause that speaks to you. You are bound to find meaningful connection with the people you meet on this path.
  • Meditate with someone outsideMeet up with the person who comes to mind when you think of wanderlust love. Find a quiet spot in nature and meditate or practice yoga. I like to think of this one as the triple-down, ultimate connection method. First, you are connecting with another kindred spirit in a deep, meaningful way. That’s always a good thing. But you’re also connecting with the oneness of nature and life. Excellent. Oh, and you’re connecting with the infinite wonder and wisdom of your higher self through yoga and meditation. Triple connect. Complete satisfaction.

After experience, we finish our journey with expression. Now that you’re all plugged into life, get ready to satiate your wanderlust by exploring ways to Embrace Your Creativity.

Nicole-HarrisOuter truth-seeking journalist turned inner truth-seeking yogi, Nicole Harris now writes freelance and teaches yoga. Her practice on the mat began in Minnesota in 2011 and eventually led her to teaching in Florida. Her true passion is to cultivate awareness and live from that honest, real space as much as possible. She finds her quickest ways to get there are through nature, adventure, and travel. The deepest way is through a meditative yoga practice.