Q&A with Donovan McGrath from Amplified Yoga

Donovan’s passion for yoga was lit nearly 20 years ago after a kundalini practice in New York City.…

Donovan’s passion for yoga was lit nearly 20 years ago after a kundalini practice in New York City.

That initial ignition still fuels the expansion that continues today through practicing, teaching and creating. The culmination of those years learning and absorbing so many modalities gave him the inspiration that led to the creation of Amplified Yoga 3 years ago. Amplified Yoga is growing exponentially and has Donovan traveling globally…. Australia is next!

What will you bring to the 108?

I will be bringing my creation, Amplified yoga. A yogic experience unlike any other guaranteed. Amplified yoga uses sound, rhythm and ancient yogic technology to consciously work with kundalini energy to make one more healthy and happy!

What do you hope that Wanderluster’s will take away from your practice?

The understanding that they have the capacity to direct their energy intentionally and specifically to create their reality. This means mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually. A transformation can happen immediately. To live life optimally and express themselves authentically. To lighten up completely.

Top 5 in your cheat sheet to creating the life you want?

With any choice you’re making ask yourself “Is this Amplifying me? Making yourself more powerful and potent? From there make your choices mindfully.
Speak truthfully but kindly.
Keep your body healthy
Listen to intuition (the head thinks the heart knows) 5) try mostly to do what makes you genuinely happy ( you know it when you do it!)

What Mantra or quote inspires, captures or defines where you are on your journey?


Finish this sentence: FIND YOUR…

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You you can Amplify with Donovan at Wanderlust 108 Brisbane on Saturday 19 October or Sydney on Saturday 26 October (or both!).

Visit the Sydney and Brisbane 108 events page to buy your ticket today.