Miki Agrawal: Do Cool Sh*t

Serial social entrepreneur and author Miki Agrawal gives the origin story of her menstruation-friendly underwear company, THINX

“Women are the greatest resource we have for elevating entire communities out of extreme poverty.” – Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. So when her job as an investment banker left her unfulfilled, she decided to do something about it. In this Speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Whistler 2014, Miki explains the inception, development, and execution of her company THINX, a revolutionary producer of specialized intimate apparel for women that also gives back to African communities.

For most women, period management isn’t something we think about every day. Yet for women and girls in Africa, who do not always have access to products for hygienically managing their menstruation, it is a serious monthly struggle. Rather than facing the shame of attending school while bleeding, women are forced to stay home during the week of their period. They often fall so far behind in their studies that they drop out. Disturbingly, this break in their education puts them at an exponentially higher risk of getting pregnant and contracting HIV/AIDS.

Miki knew there had to be solution, so she created THINX, the world’s first producer of period-friendly panties. Inspired by businesses like TOMS Shoes, or Warby Parker glasses, THINX partners with AFRIpads, a company that manufactures and sells cost-effective, sustainable cloth sanitary pads. For every pair of THINX sold, a woman or girl in Africa is provided with a week’s worth of reusable pads in the hope that she can stay in school and continue her education.

For more information visit shethinx.com and AFRIpads.com. Connect with Miki Agrawal on mikiagrawal.comTwitter, and Facebook