Can’t Find a Four-Leaf Clover? Try These Crystals for Luck Instead

Forget the gold at the end of the rainbow—Fool’s Gold may be what you’re looking for! Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, here are your lucky crystals.

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Whether thought of as superstitions, folklore or old wives’ tales, we all have beliefs or rituals that may seem irrational or unexplainable. Some are those that we were taught; others we may not even realize have been integrated into our mind and life. Whether it is not wanting a black cat to cross your path, throwing spilled salt over your shoulder, the dreaded breaking of a mirror, or looking someone in the eyes when you toast them, these practices are all rooted in a foundation of irrational fears.

We are taught that fear is something that we should avoid, instead of something that we should run head first into and confront. Only you can determine for yourself where your beliefs lie and the root source. Many superstitions tend to be rooted in a melange of fact and myth. I offer the notion that we need all of these in our life. Without that belief in the unexplainable, how are we able to truly connect to our higher selves?

In that sense, let’s reframe the worry-based narrative. Instead of keeping rituals to prevent something from happening, what if we instead put emphasized positivity? Maybe in that process we can allow ourselves to be OK with not always having all the logical or rational answers. And to do that, it means we have to believe in energy that is a combination of Luck, Magic, a Fool, and Magnetic. Here are a few of my favorite crystals for luck. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

green aventurine crystal

Green Aventurine

Aventurine comes in a few different colors; the green variety corresponds to the heart chakra. One of the keys to unlocking luck is listening to the heart. Green Aventurine is a very gentle and soothing water element stone—a great one if you are new to working with crystals. This stone is the eternal optimist. Energetically, it maintains optimism by charging-up one’s will with confidence. When we can generate the purest positive thoughts, we become hopeful. An abundance mindset is paramount for generating that which we want to attract. It is not ironic that this stone can be green in color, as it is also one that welcomes in prosperity (yes, money!) which is the energetic state of true wealth.



Labradorite is truly the stone form of the visual or tactile representation of MAGIC! Its color can range from the palest gray to the deepest green or black, but always with a luminescence revealing hidden rainbows depending on how the light catches it. Appropriately, shimmery Labradorite represents the earth element of wind. Wind is the element we can feel and know exists, but we cannot see our touch it. Still, we do not question its presence even in the absence of sensory perception. It is intuitively connected with both the conscious and subconscious. That connectivity is necessary to awaken the powers within during our journeys of self-discovery. Its protective nature supports us in revealing our true path and honoring our destiny. So, a la Snow White, look into the reflective nature of Labradorite, dare to ask yourself, “What do I See?” and wait to let the magic reveal itself.



Pyrite, aka Fool’s Gold, feels like the master of trickery. While its mineral composition does actually contain a small amount of gold, the value of this stone is intrinsic and lies far beyond the price per ounce. Truly representative of the power of the Earth’s energy, it even can grow either in a cluster or in a natural cubic formation. It is a stone about activating energy, and is great when your energy is feeling depleted or pessimistic tendencies creep into our thoughts. Pyrite is a stone that in feng-shui is commonly used to bring wealth energy into the home or business. It strengthens one energetic field, almost like a jolt from an electrical shock, so that we can take action to create and seize the opportunities that come our way.



Hematite forms a great Dynamic Duo in its pairing with Pyrite. Both are protective stones, but for the energetic jolt of pyrite, Hematite provides grounding. You may have come across hematite magnets in a store or that your child has as a toy. Some types of hematite are naturally magnetic. From an energetic perspective, that ability allows us to draw positive energy and abundance towards us. That is why it is a great stone for use in manifestation, the act of embodying positivity into existence in reality. This hi-vibe stone protects our energy field so that only the abundance is attracted and all else is repelled or shielded. I always like to think of manifestation in the early stages of being a bit of the act of “faking it till you make it.” Hematite allows us to release any judgement around that practice. We have to believe it, say it, identify it, and literally wear it every day over our skin before we can bring positivity or luck into everything we do.

Whether in search of shamrocks or leprechauns this week, the crystals above will likely last longer than the elusive four-leaf clover. And working with them you may just find yourself squashing some fears, believing in magic again, and in the process living a more full and prosperous life.

Rashia Bell is a co-founder of The Cristalline. A graduate of both the Fashion Institute of Technology and the New York School of Interior Design, she has spent the past 10 years growing her Design and Consulting company, The Gray Box Group. In looking to gain a greater understanding of the energetic and healing powers of stones and other healing modalities to incorporate them into interiors, Rashia has completed two Crystal Healing certifications from The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, is a level 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer and has completed yoga certifications in English and Spanish. The foundation for The Cristalline’s design process is specializing in personal healing work, and Rashia has lead workshops for all ages, private events, and retreats around the world. (Photo by Matt McConnell Photography.)