Breaking Down Wanderlust: 2-Day City Festivals vs. 108s

So many events to choose from, so little time! Here’s what you need to know about the difference between our new 2-day city Festival and Wanderlust 108.

As the global mindful movement grows, there are more ways than ever to find your true north. In an effort to ensure accessibility and inclusivity with our programming and locations, we’re offering more types of events than ever. It’s apropos that we celebrate our 10 year anniversary with the rollout of a brand new festival in 2019: The 2-day city Festival.

If your city hosted a Wanderlust 108 in years past, we 100 percent get your confusion regarding just what a 2-day city Festival is. We hear you. Read on for your handy guide to decipher the difference, and to help you decide which event is best for you. Can’t wait to see you on tour this summer.

2-day city Festivals

Confirmed locations:

  • Atlanta (April 6–7)
  • San Francisco (May 4–5)
  • Seattle (May 18–19)
  • Denver (August 10–11)
  • Brooklyn (September 7–8)
  • Chicago (September 14–15)

Our new 2-day Festivals follow the same format as our premiere mountaintop events that you know and love, but retain the large-scale yoga and meditation component of a 108. Held in local city parks that are relatively easy and cheap to get to, 2-day Festivals offer the same impressive lineups and activity offerings as our traditional Festivals. But because we love gathering with hundreds of friends we don’t know yet to raise our collective community vibration, 2-day Festivals include the signature mass class of a 108.

There will be a food market, curated with some of our favorite local vendors. You can pick and choose what kind of day you’d like to have: Everywhere but Atlanta, with a premium ticket, you’ll be able to schedule as many classes, activities, or Speakeasies (our signature mindful lecture) as you’d like—all taught by all-star talent and the marketplace. In between the busy days, rest your head on your own pillow—note that there is no Wanderlust-supported lodging for 2-day Festivals.

Note that there will be running programming… But not a group-organized 5K, like we have at a 108. Running programming at 2-day city Festivals will be akin to that at a 4-day destination Festival, with a Trailhead and run-leads.

Ticket price: $26.08–$226.08

woman on stage teaching large crowd of yoga

Wanderlust 108

Confirmed locations:

  • San Diego (March 23)
  • Scottsdale (March 31)
  • Dallas (April 13)
  • Los Angeles (Saturday: April 27; Sunday: April 28)
  • Twin Cities (June 29)
  • Boston (Saturday: August 17; Sunday August 18)
  • Philadelphia (September 21)
  • Washington DC (September 28)
  • Tampa (November 2)

Wanderlust 108 is the original mindful triathlon, consisting of a 5K your way, a DJ-powered yoga flow, and a large-scale group meditation. Premium tickets include the chance to schedule bonus activities in the afternoon. Everyone gets a taste of the power of Wanderlust’s community, and has the opportunity to mingle with world-class teachers and leaders all day long.

108 Run Yoga Meditate ticket-holders will not be able to schedule additional activities. In order to book bonus classes—like aerial—participants should purchase a premium package. Premium packages also include some great schwag from our partners, and a free Wanderlust TV class.

Ticket prices: $26.08–$151.08

(RED) premium bundle = $151.08
108 premium bundle = $76.08
Run Yoga Meditate ticket = $26.08

people at starting line of 5K race

Please note that the Wanderlust Scholarship is not available for either 2-day city Festivals or 108s, but other Wander For All discounts (for military, students, etc.) are applicable. 

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or email Where will we see you this year?