Graham Hill: Less Stuff, Space, and Energy. More Time, Money, and Freedom

In this talk from Wanderlust’s Speakeasy, Graham Hill shows how simplifying our lives can lead to a more balanced and fruitful existence.

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“Simpler lives are happier lives.” – Graham Hill

What would happen if we let go of the material things society tells us we should value? Would we feel lighter and more fulfilled? Graham Hill thinks so. In this Speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Whistler, Graham Hill, entrepreneur and supporter of the minimalist lifestyle, shows how distilling our lives down to the essentials can lead to a more balanced and fruitful existence.

As a young architect and designer, Hill found himself overwhelmed by the pressures of his success. To fill the void he bought stuff—a house, a car, the latest tech. But nothing brought him joy—except for helping people. Using his background in design and love for the environment, Hill founded, an eco-blog and vlog focused on spreading a green initiative. With this new Internet-based venture, Hill realized he didn’t need to limit himself to living in one location. So with just two suitcases and a laptop, he set out to see the world.

“We could live out of two carry-on bags each, that’s all we really needed, it wasn’t complicated.” – Graham Hill

Hill found happiness collecting experiences. Rather than living each day working toward a material reward, he rewired his brain to find reward in the now. Finding this philosophy too good not to share, Hill went on to launch LifeEdited, his newest venture that helps people organize their lives to be content with less stuff. He urges people to edit their lives ruthlessly, and to focus on what really matters.

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Filmed by: Circus Picnic
Edited by: Start Motion Media