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Sacred Breath: Breathwork and Balancing the Chakras

Annie Langlois

Through this immersive day at the heart of YOU, you’ll experience the power of breath for balancing your main energy centers. This wonderful journey will take you through the seven fundamentals of Annie Langlois’ Essence of Breath approach: conscious breathing, Kundalini yoga, meditation, conscious movement, body sensations, caring touch, and music. Through dynamic exercises, you’ll have the opportunity to connect intimately with yourself, as well as others. This will help you experience the complete array of emotions and sensations you are capable of as a human being, and celebrate life fully. The day will end with a sacred ceremony to celebrate the new YOU.

  • Morning practice: 7 Fundamentals of Essence of Breath, pt. 1 (Integrated class: Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Movement class)
  • Lunch break (food sold separately)
  • Afternoon practice: 7 Fundamentals of Essence of Breath, pt. 2 (Integrated class: Bodywork & Music)
  • Post-practice: Sacred Ceremony

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Annie Langlois

Co-founder and president of Annie Langlois is a 1500-hour certified yoga instructor (Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini) and conscious connected breathing (Alchemy of Breath + Biodynamic Breath) teacher. She is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, and the creator behind the Living Yoga Mala line of jewelry. She divides her time between Bali and Montreal (QC), where she teaches several retreats and workshops. Annie’s mission in life is to inspire people to put their health first, while teaching them to love themselves through gentle techniques they can integrate into their daily life.
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