5 Easy Superfood Swaps that Are a Total Game Changer

Using superfood ingredients is a wellness hack to sup up childhood classics. Even on the road, try these easy swaps for fun and healthy snacks.

Back in the day, the word “foodie” used to be synonymous with guilt and gut-busting culinary combos: Think rich, decadent meals that carried the banners of “sinful” and “cheat meal.” These days, the so-called foodie movement is considerably more discerning when it comes to what’s delicious. And as any food-loving yogi can tell you, a plentiful life is all about balance. When we eat nutritious whole foods, we feel well in our bodies and vibrant in our practices.

But nutrition doesn’t have to be plain or boring. When we deprive ourselves of flavor and satisfying textures and tastes, we drain the fun and enjoyment out of food—and as a result, we don’t feel our best. Best bet? Seek the middle path and aim to fuel yourself with foods that honor your cravings and support your whole-self health. Here are five simple superfood swaps that make eating well actually… enjoyable.

Skip the Croutons. Toss on Some Turmeric Tamari Almonds.

Let’s be honest: The best part about any salad is the crunchies that go on top of the greens and veg. But rather than pile on loads of croutons (which can wreak havoc on gluten-sensitive peeps), satisfy your crunch craving with a handful of nuts, instead.

It’s important to note that not all nuts are created equal, and quality really does count here. Your garden-variety grocery store roasted and salted nuts can be loaded up with sodium and unhealthy oils, for example. Instead, go for Navitas Superfood + Turmeric Tamari Almonds. They’re seasoned with GF tamari for an umami hit, and sprinkled with healing turmeric high in curcumin for a bonus boost of anti-inflammatory benefits. Hint: add a crack of black pepper to your salad to boost your body’s absorption superpowers!

Sorry Granola Bars, I’m Breaking Up with You for These Power Snacks.

Hardcore snackers live by this truth: If we’re going to choose all-day grazing instead of three square meals, we’ve got to pack each snack with wholesome nutrition. Of course, chips by the bagful won’t cut it, but there are some less-obvious sneaky snacks to watch out for. For example: Granola bars. Many are loaded with preservatives and unnecessary ingredients. But they sure are convenient — easy to pack, carry with you, and eat with minimal mess. So it’s worth seeking an alternative that won’t leave you with a nutritional deficit.

If you love the texture of chewy granola bars, you’ll definitely want to give Power Snacks a try. They have that ultra-satisfying texture, but they’re minimally processed and hit the Goldilocks level of sweet (it’s juuuust right). Plus, each grab-and-go flavor contains the perfect combo of premium superfoods, like hemp seeds and cacao.

navitas power bites

Sour Gummies, Meet Your Match: Goldenberries!

Obsessed. To say that these little nuggets of joy will change your snacking game forever would be putting it mildly. Goldenberries, a.k.a. gooseberries that have been picked at peak ripeness and dried, are everything sweet-tooth-snackers look for. They’re soft and sweet, with an in-your-face wallop of tartness. Oh, and each serving contains 18% of your daily value of fiber (!!!), and 10% of both your potassium and vitamin A DV. They even have a bit of protein to keep you extra satisfied, making them just like your favorite sour gummy snacks, but you know… better.

Never Eat Semisweet Baking Chocolate from the Bag Again.

Chocolate emergencies. They’re a real thing and we’ve all been there. Sometimes, the chocolate craving hits hard, and before we know it, we’re elbow-deep in a bag of (not-actually-tasty) semisweet baking chips. Honor your cravings next time with sweet cacao nibs. They’re roughly the same size as baking chips, but a little crunchier (yum), and a lot more wholesome. The ones from Navitas are an innocent mixture of cane juice, cacao nibs, and cacao liquor. That’s it! 3 ingredients! There’s even a whisper of fiber and potassium in each serving. Keep a bag on hand for those late-night cravings — or more “traditional” preparations, like in oatmeal or on top of yogurt.

Granulated White Sugar, Meet Coconut Palm Sugar.

The challenging thing about swapping processed sugar for more wholesome ingredients like honey and maple syrup is that, when baking, the finished products are never quite right. It’s because baking relies on chemical reactions between the sugar and the other ingredients — science! This is where coconut palm sugar shines. Its crystal structure is comparable to that of regular sugar granules, meaning it behaves similarly when whipped, melted, beaten, and folded in. It also just so happens to have about half the glycemic index of sugar. One more area where it shines is the flavor: It has nice toasty undertones, much like caramel.

Wherever you’re going, these simple swaps will keep you energized without denying your taste buds of total tastiness.