Find Your True North

Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos

Preston Smiles is the new kid on the block in the personal development and Spiritual world. He has been called a Purpose Messenger, Wisdom Warrior and Next Generation Thought Leader among many things. With a book deal with Simon and Schuster for his debut book « Love Louder », Preston is set to affect millions with his message of love and unity. His youtube has generated over a half a MILLION views in a very short amount of time, because of his unique style, energy and the way he distills and synthesizes Ancient Wisdom for the masses.

Preston is also the Co-founder of THE LOVE MOB, a movement dedicated connecting 3.6 billion people to the power of community, through Organized Acts of Love. The Love Mob is most known for their massive flash mobs born originally in Los Angeles and now spanning cities from New York to the Netherlands to London.

Preston has an array of weapons in his arsenal of love including being a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, The Daily Love, Good Guy Swag and many other top blogs . He has been featured in Origin magazine, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine and RYOT News. He is also one of the youngest members of ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders) which was founded by Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul.
Preston Smiles is a breath of fresh air and possesses that « it » factor that we haven’t seen in years in a main stream way.