Find Your True North

Mick Pearson

Mick Pearson is the owner of KAF Adventures, an outdoor education and adventure travel company that hosts yoga + wilderness experiences in the U.S. He is currently the hiking leader for the Wanderlust Festival as well as a DJ for yoga classes. Mick has traveled the world over in search of the perfect mountain experience. After working for years under other companies’ ethos and philosophies, nothing quite fit with Mick’s personal convictions and passions. So, in 2006 he set out on his own to make his vision of the holistic mountain experience a reality for anyone whom was captivated by his personality and talents as an instructor and guide. Mick currently lives in Seattle WA. year round managing KAF Adventures and continuing to hold the vision of an ever evolving company. Mick works tirelessly to provide world-class experiences that leave people affected positively with new knowledge and a greater perspective of the person that they are in the world around them. When he is not in the field (he works about 125 days/year courses!) you can find him creating electronic music and making people dance, smile, and wonder when he sleeps! Mick is a AMGA certified Rock & Alpine Guide, and speaks Spanish and little Swahili.