Find Your True North

Maeve Jones

A force of good surrounds us all. Health is our nature. Let’s do that.

Hi, I’m Maeve. I teach moving meditation to experience vitality in its most essential form: vibrance, love, and peace. There’s an intangible, very clear force of life that exists in all things. Pay the simplest attention; it’s there. Like a wellspring of innate wisdom and beautiful peace. I call it love, or joy — and we are all tapped into it.

A local to Whistler, I feed my soul by immersing in our majestic coastal rainforest. In nature, I know that good things are all around – sprouting here, frolicking there. Ease is in the air. Vitality is palpable. Join me if you like the sound of that.

When I’m not playing in the wilderness, you’ll find me teaching yoga at a local studio, taking myself too seriously, or pondering the intersection of mind body and spirit. It’s my pleasure to lead you to clarity, self-awareness, and joy. You are a force of nature.