Find Your True North

Elias Gaitan

Elias Gaitan is yogi, meditator, surfer, and a grateful teacher of the beauty of breath in intimate relationship with all of the life.
After decades of studying the body and using his to the extreme he created ‘True For You Yoga’. This is founded on the premise that each human will have their own personal relationship to yoga, to their breath in body, and their own personal experiences in their lives. True for You Yoga is yoga devoted to the healing practice of bringing the body and breath in union with the life. This philosophy is the backbone of Elias’ meditation teaching approach.
Elias teaches passionately with the emphasis on connecting intimately with breath to live in gratitude joyfully in your body. Feeling present and good while you are in your practice will in turn translate directly to feeling present and good in your life.
Elias can be found teaching in several Northern California studios when he is not teaching workshops, presenting at festivals, and facilitating teacher trainings and retreats globally.
‘Peace through Intimacy with your breath-body… discover your minds best attention is Now’