Find Your True North

Coyote and Crow

We are a married couple from New York’s North Country living in Brooklyn. We make our living busking and playing gigs around New York City. We play a mash up of folk, americana, blues-grass, old time, and mountain music with a big influence from 60’s-70’s classic rock’n’roll. Sticking to traditional Jug-Band roots we play homemade and modified instruments. Thomas plays Banjo, a homemade « Banjote » and foot percusion with a homemade suitcase he built into a drum. Jaime plays a homemade Double Banjo Bass/Stand Up BB and homemade suitcase snare. Our songs are inspired by nature, folk tales, love, and life experiences. With a sound that’s hard to put a name on, we pour our heart and soul into every note. We call our genre « Old Time Rock n’ Soul.