2020 Food & Beverage Permitting


Below, in each link, you will find all the necessary information to complete your health department applications for each event. Most cities require you to submit your applications 30 days in advance of the event date. The drop downs below will include the final due dates for applications, information on what cities require you to have a permit even while sampling prepackaged goods, the actual permit applications, helpful links, and contact information for the health department. Please note, some applications require they be submitted as a bundled package with other partner applications. This will require you to email the completed form to your account manager by the deadline or we reserve the right to submit without your application included, this information is noted in the specific show links.

We advise building a kit with all the things you need to pass a health inspection.

Below are helpful links to items you will need:

For help with your specific permits, please contact the city specific health department.

If you need an application specific question answered and can not reach the health department, please contact: XXXX

Wanderlust Squaw Valley


Wanderlust Brooklyn 108


Wanderlust Wellspring