Revive Dry Skin With a Floral Face Steam

Let Mother Nature be your guide to glowing, soft skin this winter.

As a DIY beauty-junkie, I’m always looking for simple and affordable ways to create the feeling of luxury. Unfortunately, most of the products out there are either busting my wallet (bad) or busting the environment (worse). I prefer to slather my face in things like avocado masks or sugar scrubs, as they’re a cheap and sustainable way of making me feel like a fairy earth goddess.

And so when I heard about floral face steams, I was in. I immediately began looking up the healing properties of nature’s various flowers and plotting my personal mix. These face steams have a myriad of benefits: The hot water works to open the pores, making it a gentle precursor to further facial treatments, while the aroma from the flowers creating a nourishing and therapeutic feeling that bathes the soul in warm, soothing feelings. Hop on this bandwagon, yogis—floral face steams are awesome.

The Recipe

When selecting flowers, I knew that I wanted something that would provide both mental and physical benefits. In the end, I chose lavender, rose, chamomile, and marigold, but you can also opt for dried hibiscus, sunflower, clover, marshmallow root, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Various flowers and herbs will have different effects on your skin. Try out different combinations to find one that best suits your needs.

Here are the benefits of the flowers I selected:

Lavender: Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Helps balance oil production, stimulate cell growth, and promotes restful sleep.

Rose Petals: Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Helps the skin to retain moisture and tone the skin.

Chamomile: Anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. Helps treat anxiety, promote restful sleep, and soothe skin irritations.

Calendula (Marigold): Anti-inflammatory. Helps soothe skin irritation and minor wounds, such as acne or scratches.

Once you have your flowers, you can get to work.

face steam

How to Perform Your Face Steam

Assemble your materials. The must-haves for this recipe are a large bowl (about as big as your face), a kitchen towel, and boiling water. I enhanced my experience by lighting a candle and setting out some incense. And because I wanted to really dive headfirst into the experience, I set out a few crystals to amp up those good vibes.

Place the bowl on a flat surface, such as a table or the floor. Boil two cups of water and pour over the herbs. Add some essential oils, if desired.

Lower your face over the bowl. If you are on the floor, it helps to wiggle into Child’s Pose, or pull up a chair if you are at the table. Place a towel over your head and allow the steam to seep into your pores. Sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Now that your pores are good and open, follow up with a face mask or deep cleanse. I opted for an activated charcoal and algae mask, which gives your skin a deep clean and makes you feel like a badass sea creature.

I followed the mask with some coconut oil, and voila! One super smooth, silky soft, and totally refreshed face.

What do you put in your floral face steam?


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