Create Your Future (Not Predict It) With Oracle Cards

Renowned author, psychic, and community leader Colette Baron-Reid explains her new deck of cards.

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Colette Baron-Reid is a renowned intuitive counselor, psychic medium, author and TV personality. She started studying classical tarot in my late teens after she was raped. „I was desperate to find a path to help me understand my life,“ she writes. „Working with Oracle systems became a daily practice for me when I got clean and sober 32 years ago. I needed to stay honest and present and they saved my life to be honest.“

Colette’s newest deck—the Mystic Shaman Oracle Deck—helps users tap into the ancient wisdom of the natural world, from which we’ve been increasingly disconnected. Colette explained more to us via email.

How can using an oracle deck help you to organize your thoughts and goals to achieve the life of your vision?

Oracles have a function of always showing you the truth of where you are, and reveal what you may not see about yourself. I create oracles that are specific to help people co-create their best life. What’s exciting about this is that you can track your energy and course-correct when you need to. If you are focused on the highest good, an oracle becomes the key to open your connection to the universe. You engage an empowered intimate dialog with the conscious universe—your partner in manifesting your vision!

OK, but I don’t believe that cards can determine the future. How can they help me?

I agree—and my oracles specifically are prescriptive rather than predictive for the reason that a) there is no such thing as absolute determinism; b) you disempower and limit yourself when you fixate on the future. I speak for my oracle cards only—and how I teach—that oracle cards are mirrors, and a means of communication with the mystical numinous Invisible Intelligence of the universe. They track your story in motion by showing you the work you need to do, giving clarity and direction toward the highest good. They are the most powerful tool for manifestation and reality creation. They help you create your future rather than predict it.

What insights can we glean from listening to the ancient wisdom of medicine workers and shamans?

We have become so disconnected from the earth in our global digitized culture. The ancient wisdom keepers know the relationship we have to the planet, to each other, and to the conscious universe and their methods of healing are needed now. We can learn about how we are connected and heal our worldview of separation and limitation.

How has the practice helped you throughout the years?

Whenever I am in denial they help me get rigorously honest. They stop me from making unconscious choices. They have reminded me of my mission when I veer off into a detour. They have helped me grow and mature and be accountable for my reality and the energy I bring to others. Mostly they have deepened my connection with the Divine.

What can we learn when we listen to intuitive knowledge and learning?

I think one of the most important things we learn when exploring intuitive tools and practices is that we can trust ourselves. We lose the sense of powerlessness thats been imposed on us as we develop a more intimate relationship with the Universe. We can learn that the invisible aspects of existence that are out of reach of our five senses and intellect are where all the action is! Having a healthy balance of intuition and intellect is essential for personal growth. We have entered the Age of Intuition and the time has come to discover the repressed parts of us since patriarchy has influenced our thinking and conditioned us to believe that we are to be subject only to rational intellect and reason. We are moving away from the repression of the feminine and consequently this area of our lives can be reclaimed and celebrated. What an exciting time to be alive!

A weekly oracle reading for the week of April 2, 2018:

Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed, Oracle expert, thought leader, and number one best selling author of “The Map” and other books and products; including Oracle Cards and Meditation Apps. As spiritual medium she is also the star of the hit TV series, Messages from Spirit (Amazon Prime), and she hosts the highly popular call-in radio show „Ask the Oracle“ on She is celebrated author, published in 27 languages, and a spiritual teacher. Her her fans lovingly call her “The Oracle Queen”. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer deemed Colette’s readings “100% credible”. Seen and heard on talk shows across the nation, her guest appearances include Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Oprah and Friends radio, and The Today Show.