Find Your True North

Xavier Rudd


Over 15 years into an illustrious career that has produced some of the most loved songs in modern blues and roots, Xavier Rudd is irrefutably one of Australia’s greatest musical icons. Eight superb studio albums, countless classic songs, endless miles of touring to hundreds of thousands of people, eight studio albums that document his entire journey, and a treasure trove of awards and accolades… Xavier has accomplished a staggering amount.

And when picturing Xavier in your mind, it is hard not to see him as he was back when he released his 2002 debut To Let: a virtuoso solo artist surrounded by an exotic forest of percussive and melodic instruments garnered from his travels around Australia and the world. A tanned, lean surfer with a haunting voice and a delivery that touched the soul… the power of one man, one voice and one love.

For the first time in five years Xavier Rudd will return to this solo format, performing two exclusive shows. Taking place in the perfect settings of both Hawaii and Costa Rica, these shows are a fan’s dream, and are absolutely not to be missed. This is everyone’s chance to see the show that made Xavier Rudd… Xavier Rudd.

Back from selling out dates across Europe and North America, these exclusive upcoming solo dates come in the wake of Xavier’s last record, Live In The Netherlands, and will usher him through to the beginning of the next chapter in his outstanding journey. These are the performances his fans have been demanding for years, and, as always, Xavier is ready to step up and deliver one of the greatest live shows on the planet.