Find Your True North



SUR was born from the brain of Northern California-bred musician/producer Zack Arnett who built a makeshift studio in the back of an RV, set out on a journey and began creating a sound both gritty and melodic, nuanced and volatile, reflective and deeply life-affirming. Returning to L.A., Arnett continued shaping the songs he’d started during his travels, recording at home and out in Joshua Tree. Self-producing the Savage Beast EP and handling all the instrumentation, the lifelong musician carved out a hypnotically textured sound that fully embodies the forces at the heart of SUR: love, violence, and nature. SUR builds a powerful dynamic by fusing inventive electronic elements and visceral rhythms rooted in native drum patterns heard on lead single “Lean Back”. Arnett, a visual artist, poet, self-described American medicinal farmer, former graffiti artist and prolific painter created SUR’s nature-themed artwork. When it came time to name the project, he decided to pay tribute to the place he’s long considered a spiritual and creative haven. “Big Sur is my compass, it’s what compelled me to be a creator in the first place”, says Arnett. SUR’s SAVAGE BEAST EP featuring “LEAN BACK”, “MAKE IT TO MORNING” and “ALL I NEED” introduced their soulfully infused, alt/rock, electronic touches, a hip-hop spirit and a dash of laid-back desert dustiness to the masses. They were a fixture at last year’s festival stops such as SXSW, Lightning In A Bottle, Firefly, Panorama, Lollapalooza and more as well as becoming the soundtrack for various key sports, gaming, brand and TV moments. SUR are currently putting the final touches on new music that will start releasing early spring with more touring throughout the year and into next.