Dubbed ‘The World Music Impresario’ by Billboard Magazine, Fabian Alsultany, aka Sultan32 has had a one of a kind career spanning the globe as an acclaimed DJ, producer of international festivals and tours, music producer, artist manager, re-mixer and player on dozens of albums, and inspired entrepreneur who continues to bridge culture, technology and consciousness.

In 2015 Sultan32 embarked on a new journey: writing, arranging, performing, producing and collaborating on his debut, Imperial Highness. “It hit me like lightning – all these decades I have been helping others make music, I had to get to my own.” Fabian leverages his years in both world and modern music to create alchemy on this six song debut EP, eponymously titled Imperial Highness.

Fabian Alsultany’s eminence in global music was kismet. “I was always surrounded by foreign culture – my father is from Iraq and first mother from Cuba, second mom from Colombia – our home was filled with music from their home countries and New York City radio growing up.” Fabian describes. “I attended the United Nations International School in Manhattan as a kid, and had friends from all over the world. We were always exploring music – spinning at school dances, playing in bands..all kinds of rock, world music and reggae.”

Sultan32 began his prolific DJ career as a teenager in New York City, evolving his style to blend his discoveries of far-away, mystical sounds with electronica happening around the globe. His mesmerizing mixes have moved crowds at locations as diverse as Madison Square Garden and the Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia.

Fabian naturally gravitated to both the practice and flourishing scene happening around yoga, providing quintessential soundscapes as featured DJ for hundreds events including the Wanderlust Festivals, Lightening In A Bottle and Hanuman festivals, and as executive producer of the Tadasana Festival in Santa Monica.

Beyond the turntables, Fabian is the go-to for exalted fusion of world and electronic music in the studio. He worked as A&R for Chris Blackwell’s Palm Pictures, and has produced, remixed and performed on over 30 acclaimed compilations, including a stint as keyboardist in the seminal supergroup Tabla Beat Science, with Bill Laswell and Zakir Hussien.

The Imperial Highness EP is the result of a powerful pause required in Fabian Alsultany’s life. “Going through chemo provided a powerful realization: I have done everything I ever wanted to do- and now I must finish my own album. It would be a great sin to let the music die in me.” says Fabian. As he celebrates being cancer-free for over five years, he reflects on the journey that brought forth the music, which he wrote, played and produced. “I meditated into the impermanence of life, yet also the infinite aspect of everything. I reimagined a version of “Across The Universe” for this EP to represent that interconnectivity.”

Referencing The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band as one of his two earliest albums (the other was Elvis Gold), Imperial Highness reveals that influence in diversity, creative production and infusion of spirituality in lyrics, musicianship and vocals. “It’s the power of song writing for me, not a drum loop or a beat.” elaborates Fabian. “It starts at the piano with a melody, and from there I can hear all the other instruments showing up, be they western or ethnic folk instruments. I reframe them, and put them into a new context. I know these instruments, I have been around some of the greatest musicians in the world!”

This man of the world lives in the best of both worlds: bringing music from far and wide to move the spirit, and infusing that spirit into the well-being of body, mind and soul. “We’re Just Travelers Here,” Fabian quotes from the title track, “Heaven knows when Heaven’s song unfolds. Heaven you will hold in your heart”.