Find Your True North

Schetinina Anna


Anna Schetinina, Jivamukti yoga teacher. Anna practices yoga for 12 years and teaches for 9 years. In 2012 she finished Jivamukti teachers training in London. Anna participated in the Yoga Journal Charity Marathon as an assistant of headliners Sharon Shannon and David Life. She was on the cover of №76 (july-august) Yoga Journal.

«Yoga means the connection, the link. Until the world is unhappy people will feel the same. Probably, we cannot change the world easily and quickly but we can improve ourselves and inspire the others  for self-development. Yoga helps us live a conscious life, a life where you are able to accept and to give. I feel that my heart is full with love like a balloon that is going to explode. Then I relax and quit to suppress it. The love goes through me and all I feel is gratitude for every second of my miraculous life! »