Find Your True North

Russell Brand


Russell Brand is a comedian, actor, writer, podcaster and addict.

In recent years, Russell has become a recognized spokesperson on the subject of addiction and recovery: self-authoring two documentaries on the subject as well as releasing the New York Times Bestselling book, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions.

This is ‘the age of addiction’, and in this talk, Russell will introduce the programm that has saved his life. With a powerful mix of honesty, humor and compassion, Russell Brand tells his intimate yet universal story and shares the practical advice and wisdom he has been taught through his fifteen and a half years of recovery. He speaks to those suffering along the full spectrum of addiction―from serious, life-threatening misuse of substances, to the subtler habits we use to hold our lives together, like food, technology or unhealthy relationships.

‘What pain is your addiction masking?’

‘Why are you running―into the wrong job, the wrong life, the wrong relationship?’

‘When are you going to recover the person you were born to be?’