Find Your True North

Rhyanna Van Leeuwarden


Rhyanna’s home base is a beautiful studio in Mosman Park, Perth. Her classroom is many places however, and what she truly loves is being able to connect with others who relish the opportunity to roll out a mat and take a moment to delight in their practice.

Rhyanna didn’t always have yoga as her daily ritual. Like many, she lived a life of pace and change, always on a quest to be perfect, to be ahead of the pack and to tick off boxes. The pace of life is still just as busy for her now but the purpose is different. She has a fire that burns deep to share the gift of yoga and it is with that fire that she chases her dreams.

Rhyanna believes yoga is a lifestyle: one that encompasses the vitality of mind, body and soul. There is no separateness which Rhyanna has truly come to understand. Her teachings are very personal and carry messages to be taken well beyond the mat.